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Friday, August 31, 2007

Invasion USA V - - Map.

This is coolbert:
This is frightening stuff.

Thanks here to VDare [] and before them to USANumbers.

Click on the map accompanying this blog entry for a large scale view of southern Arizona.

Those red and blue stars are the purported listening/observation posts [LP/OP] of the Latin American drug cartels. Persons smuggling drugs into the U.S.

[this is recent stuff too. Valid as of June 2007!!??]

Make sure we are all on the same page about this one. Those ARE NOT the LP/OP of the DEA, local law enforcement, Border Patrol, U.S. military. Those ARE THE LP/OP OF THE BAD GUYS. Strategic reconnaissance "hide spots" set up by the villains on the U.S. side of the border, in most cases, far north of the border.

These are "hide spots" used to watch for anti-smuggling patrols and operations of the U.S. government entities. Once again, DEA, local law enforcement, Border Patrol, military. "Hide spots" either known to have been occupied, are occupied, or perhaps are occupied, by quasi-military, heavily armed "units" of the drug-narcoticos. Bad hombres' if there ever were any. U.S. GOVERNMENT ENTITIES ARE WATCHING FOR THE SMUGGLERS AND THEMSELVES ARE BEING WATCHED, AND BIG TIME TOO!!

[if you are considering doing some hiking around this region of the country, the best advice would BE NOT TO DO SO!! You may not emerge alive!!]

NOTE the proliferation of these "hide spots". Many of them. And this is just for Arizona, and the southern half of the state at that. Also keep in mind this is a wide swath of territory. We are not even taking into count the other states along the border, California, New Mexico, Texas. This is just for Arizona alone.

My guess would be that the DEA, Border Patrol, local law enforcement, military, are way behind the learning curve with regard to fighting the drug cartels. The bad guys are several steps ahead at all times. This map only demonstrates ONE aspect of the whole, and what you see is bad.



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Invasion USA IV - - Fire.

This is coolbert:

The deliberate setting of forest fires IS a weapon of war.

Employed by the Chinese Communist [Chicom] forces during the Korean War as they deployed south from their bases in Manchuria [1950].

An army of 400,000 Chicom troops was able to evade aerial surveillance by setting forest fires of massive proportions all throughout the northern part of Korea. Create a more-or-less permanent haze and “bad atmospherics” to defeat photo reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force.

Forest fires, being set today, as we speak, by the gangs of the Latin American drug lords. The drug-narcoticos smuggling massive amounts of illegal drugs into the U.S. employ forest fires as one means among many to defeat the Border Patrol, U.S. military, and various other law enforcement agencies.

Forest fires that are useful for:

* Destroying possible “hide spots” used for strategic surveillance by American law enforcement and military units.

[reconnaissance by fire so to speak!! Literally so in this case.]

* Create chaos, disruption, and an all-around distraction.

[law enforcement must be diverted to the fire areas, in part to GUARD the firefighters!!]

"U.S. Forest Service firefighters sent in to battle fires or clear wild land fire areas are required to be escorted by armed law enforcement officers."

"Armed smugglers of aliens and drugs have walked through the middle of active firefighting operations, the authorities said."

["via con DIOS, muchachos!"]


Please keep in mind that these fires are being set ON THE AMERICAN SIDE OF THE BORDER WITH MEXICO. Quite often far from the border. The villains are burning American national forests and parks with abandon, for nefarious purposes.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ATGM II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

From the comments of a reader to the blog:

[my responses in BOLD!!]

"Even though ATGM gunners are only 1/5 as effective in combat as in training, I believe that this is still pretty good."

Those figures are based upon the experience of ATGM gunners using the first generation MCLOS guidance. Hard to do as you must track simultaneously the target and missile. Later generations [up to fifth generation now] ATGM are MUCH more advanced with regard to guidance.

"ATGMs can destroy a very expensive piece of equipment and kill a trained crew for a relatively low cost. Rockets are cheaper than tanks."

Some of those ATGM are expensive to shoot of themselves. I recall during the Falkland Islands War [1982], the British employed single Milan ATGM to destroy Argentinian bunkers. Was considered to be bad form as each missile cost $20,000 per shot. NOT cheap but was effective. In the 1970's, just firing the main gun on a Chieftain tank cost $4,000 per shot!! NOBODY said war was cheap!

"ATGM's provide a psychological benefit for infantry that possess them."

Egyptian forces prior to 1973 were found by the Israeli to be particularly susceptible to "tank fright". Uncontrolled panic created when infantry [Egyptians] faced tanks [Israeli] for which they had no counter. This "tank fright" syndrome came to an abrupt end in 1973 with the widespread use of the Soviet AT-3 "suitcase" Sagger.

[this "fright" can work both ways. Those Soviet ATGM out-ranged the main gun on the Israeli megach [M-48 and M-60] tanks. Also, Soviet intelligence had bought the unclassified technical manuals for the U.S. M-48 tank and found a weak spot that when struck by a HEAT round, caused scalding hot hydraulic fluid to course through the crew compartment, killing the entire tank crew!!]

"As for the guys in the tanks, maybe it makes them a little more nervous knowing that there could be hidden troops with anti-tank weapons that have a long range. They don't feel so invulnerable. If it makes enemy TCs uptight then it is worth every penny."

This is all true. The ATGM has had a marked effect on modern battlefield tactics and doctrine. Especially with regard to combined arms. Armor CANNOT move by itself on the battlefield without having supporting infantry, artillery, close air support and air defense nearby and integrated into a combat team.

The Israeli Merkava was obviously designed FROM THE START WITH THE COMBINED ARMS CONCEPT IN MIND. The ability to defeat enemy units employing ATGM was very big on the mind of the Israeli General Tal. The incorporation of a rear compartment in the Merkava to accommodate a five man fire team, plus the addition to the tank's organic weaponry of a 60 mm mortar to be fired by the tank crew is evidence of this.

"An ATV or jeep-sized autonomous robot with say 10 ATGMs on it would be cheap to build and could wreak havoc on an enemy armored column."

This has to be in the works right now. And the ATGM is of course in a constant state of design ferment. NEW guidance systems, new war heads, etc. Single HEAT, tandem HEAT, tandem heat with penetrator, etc. Always something to contend with on the battlefield.


Monday, August 27, 2007


This is coolbert:

Beginning with the development [World War Two] of the German X-7 wire guided anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM], followed by the post-war French SS-10, it was now possible for your average, everyday infantry to counter enemy tanks, even at long range.

[close range battle between infantry and tanks was possible prior to that, using the panzerfaust type of rocket, firing a shaped charge round. But ONLY at very close range, less than 200 meters or so. The ATGM allowed for the infantry to engage and destroy enemy tanks at extreme range, out to 2000 meters in some instances!!]

These ATGM, first generation, were wire-guided, using what is called MCLOS for guidance.

MCLOS (short for Manual Command to Line of Sight)

NOT, however, an easy system to use. Required a highly skilled operator, the gunner, to steer and guide the missile [via trailing wires] to the target [the enemy tank]. A gunner who needed to acquire and track the missile and the target simultaneously. NOT an easy task. The weapon [ATGM] was effective and could defeat any known armor at long range, but was hard to use.

"the operator must track the missile and the target simultaneously and guide the missile to the target . . . MCLOS requires considerable training and practice to master"

Even a later version of the ATGM that used MCLOS, the Soviet AT-3 "Sagger" remained a weapon requiring a lot of skill to use effectively.

"While early estimates of the missile hitting the target ranged from 90% to 60%, experience has shown that it is really between 25% and 2% depending on the situation and skill of the operator. MCLOS requires considerable skill on the part of the operator: reportedly it takes 2,300 simulated firings to become proficient with the missile as well as 50 to 60 simulated firings a week to maintain the skill level."

[it was observed by the Israeli during the Yom Kippur/Ramadan war of 1973 that during "lulls" in the fighting, Egyptian ATGM gunners would maintain proficiency via simulator trucks actually BROUGHT TO THE FRONT LINES FOR THAT PURPOSE!!]

In training:

* 60% to 90% hit probability.

In actual combat:

* 2% to 25% hit probability.

What is this? Well, as Dupuy would say, you CANNOT replicate in training the actual conditions of combat. In training, the fear of death on the battlefield is not present and cannot be duplicated. When firing at a target with an ATGM as part of an exercise or training, the "enemy" is not shooting back and trying to kill you.

Those figures as to "hit probability" tell me that an ATGM gunner on the battlefield is only about 1/5th as effective in actual combat as he is in training??

Your hands are shaking, you are breathing deeply, you are keeping your head down!!

Well, sure, intuitively so, this is HOW it is!


Invasion USA III - - Zeke.

This is coolbert:

When discussing the use of U.S. military forces along the border with Mexico to deter and prevent the armed invasion of U.S. soil by the gangs of the drug "Lords", one would be remiss to NOT mention the "The Goat Herder incident".

The shooting and killing of a teenage goat herder, Ezequiel ["Zeke"] Hernandez Jr. "Zeke" became a casualty of the "war on drugs" when he was shot and killed by a member of a Marine team occupying a strategic reconnaissance "hide spot". A "hide spot" from the which the Marines were conducting a surreptitious surveillance of the U.S.-Mexican border. On the look out for convoys of drug-laden trucks crossing the border northward.

A somewhat dated "incident". From way back ten years ago now [1997].

In some circles became and still is a cause celebre'.

Listen hear to the National Public Radio broadcast describing the "incident".

Also, unfortunately, "Zeke" became and still is a popular topic among the corridos'. Mexican singers who extol the virtues of the drug-narcoticos and their cleverness in outwitting the hated gringo.

From the very start, and I remember this so well, this "incident" has been mis-reported and mis-represented in the mass media. Was felt to incorrectly be [among other things]:

* An unwarranted shooting by trigger-happy Marines.

* A violation of the posse comitatus law.

* A "militarization" of the U.S. border with Mexico.

This reconnaissance unit of Marines, occupying the "hide spot", as they did, observed "Zeke" on two occasions, and both times they saw what appeared to them to be the stereotypical behavior of a person comprising the "advanced guard" of a drug-narcotico gang. A member of the "advanced guard" using reconnaissance by fire to divulge the location of "enemy forces" [the Marines]. Fire into suspected "hide spots" and cause the reconnaissance unit to respond. This the Marines had been briefed about.

"reconnaissance by fire

(DOD, NATO) A method of reconnaissance in which fire is placed on a suspected enemy position to cause the enemy to disclose a presence by movement or return of fire."

[please keep in mind that these convoys of the drug smugglers crossing the border are done with military precision and style. Heavily armed convoy, multiple number of trucks simultaneously, preceded by an "advance guard".]

When "Zeke" approached the Marines in a direct manner, and pointed his rifle at them, at that exact moment, "Zeke" was using lethal force.

In the state of Texas, a person may use lethal force to defend his property, but ONLY DURING HOURS OF DARKNESS. IN THE CASE OF "Zeke", THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT DURING HOURS OF DARKNESS!!

"Zeke" was also IN THE HABIT OF firing his rifle at "suspected malefactors" [human or otherwise] that he ["Zeke"] felt was lurking nearby and threatening his goats.

"two Border Patrol agents heard gunshots on the riverbanks. Later, they came across Hernandez, who apologized to the agents, saying he 'thought he had seen someone trying to steal his goats, so he shot to try to scare them off,'"

A person, regardless of locale, possessing a firearm and pointing same at another person, is ALWAYS said to be using lethal force. Again, regardless of caliber of weapon, range, causation, etc. ANY person [U.S. Marines] having a firearm pointed at them is totally within their rights to use lethal force in response to defend themselves.

The Marines were investigated by a Texas grand jury, no charges being filed against them.

"residents [of Redford] were assumed to be in cahoots. 'Not a friendly town,'"

As for the local town where "Zeke" was from, Redford, TX., I am sure that the DEA and other intelligence agencies have some sort of protocol to determine if the locals are friendly or hostile. Look at how many late model top-of-the-line SUV's are owned by presumably poverty stricken people. How many homes have had recent extensive remodeling done to them, etc. See if a local hamlet is in the pay of the drug dealers or not.

A tragic incident? YES! Brutal and unwarranted use of military force on the border with Mexico? NO!



Friday, August 24, 2007


This is coolbert:

“This will get their attention!!”

Again, from the Chicago Tribune today:


“Mailing of finger spurs arrest”

“TOKYO - - Police arrested an extremist Thursday for sending his severed finger to the ruling part to protest the prime minister’s [of Japan] absence from the Yasukuni Shrine honoring Japan’s 2.5 million war dead on the anniversary of the end of World War II, according to reports.”


The Yasukuni Shrine is dedicated to Japanese war dead. It is almost an obligatory ritual for Japanese prime ministers to visit the shrine and pay their respects.

There is, however, a controversial aspect to the Yasukuni Shrine. Incorporated into the names of the war dead are those persons executed by American authorities as war criminals in the aftermath of World War Two. Persons such as Hideki Tojo.

"The shrine is a source of considerable controversy. Included in the Book of Souls are 1,068 people convicted of war crimes by a post World War II court. A total of 12 convicted and 2 suspected Class A war criminals ('crime against peace') are enshrined at Yasukuni."

I can recall first reading of this “incorporation” many years ago now. Created only a slight stir at the time. Names added IN SECRET, HOPING TO AVOID NOTICE!!

David Yeagley at his web site does have some interesting comments regarding the ritual-like visit of the Japanese Prime Minister to the Yasukuni Shrine.

"BadEagle has pointed out before, the Shinto religion does not honor the life, deeds, or character of the dead. It honors the departed spirits, the kami (gods) which depart without moral definition. This is ancient animism. Koizumi [the Japanese Prime Minister at the time] is not honoring war criminals. That is a superimposition of Western abstract political ideology."

[there is a whole group of folks out there who consider David Yeagley to be an American Indian imposter, a poseur’, a fraud, a fake, an all-around bad man and a white supremacist to boot!! From what I read, this is NOT so!! David sounds authentic to me!!]


a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not"

Also, cutting off your own finger is indicative of behavior normally associated with the Yakuza [Japanese mafia]. A sign of atonement or guilt freely accepted . There is a close link between the Yakuza and Japanese “right-wing” elements.




This is coolbert:

“Sighted sub, sank same” - - famous communiqué from World War Two.

From the Chicago Tribune today:


“Drug-filled sublike craft seized”

“A submarinelike vessel filled with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine, was seized off the Guatemalan coast, U.S. officials said.”

“Four suspected smugglers were operating the self-propelled, semi-submersible vessel when it was located and seized Sunday evening of officials from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, the Border Patrol said in a news release Wednesday.”

“When the suspects realized they had been spotted by drug-surveillance aircraft patrolling the eastern Pacific, they scuttled the vessel but were unable to escape. It had 5.5 tons of cocaine worth $352 million, the Border Patrol said.”

NO, Virginia, it is NOT a Russian “Tango” class submarine. NOT by any means. Hard to say exactly what this “thing” is.

Off the coast of Guatemala - - four smugglers - - self-propelled - - semi-submersible.

U.S. drug interdiction so far from home??!! YES, must be so. And so many agencies and services all at once. Does this categorize as law enforcement or warfare??!! Occupies an undefined “no-man’s land”. Navy? Coast Guard? A violation of posse comitatus??!!

As to the details maybe more can be found? I would like to see what this “thing” looks like! Almost $500 million in cocaine in JUST ONE VESSEL!!

Read further about this:

"Submarine Carrying 5 Tons of Cocaine Seized off Guatemala"

Drugs ARE big business.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Invasion USA II - - Zetas.

This is coolbert:

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, a group of disaffected Mexican soldiers called the Zetas have American officials particularly worried.

The Zetas are deserters from the Mexican Army that have been recruited to the side of the Mexican drug lords. But not just any plain old ordinary deserters. These are men trained by the U.S. as special operations/ranger/commando type troops. Trained and equipped by the U.S. Army [?]. Trained and specially equipped TO CONDUCT ANTI-DRUG OPERATIONS WITHIN MEXICO ITSELF!! Mexican soldiers that went BAD, DEFECTING TO THE DRUG LORDS AS A UNIT!!

"They were the elite 'special forces' of the Mexican military, trained in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia and sent to 'wipe out' one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels.

But these soldiers deserted and became the muscle for the very cartel they were supposed to destroy."

These are especially dangerous hombres!!

Ruthless men who operate on both sides of the border with impunity??

I think the fear of rogue military men [the Zetas], persons possessing discipline, ruthlessness, training, equipment, and a thorough knowledge of your enemy [the U.S. forces] is most acute.

See here from HomelandSecurityUS [this last February] the discovery and confiscation of firepower found before it could reach the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

"More on arms seized at U.S. - Mexican border town"

[bear in mind that the Latin American drug cartels have an almost inexhaustible amount of money to draw upon for buying equipment. Something like twenty five years ago the net income of some Colombian drug cartel was $100 billion. That in a year when General Motors had a net income of ONLY $18 billion. MONEY IS NO MATTER TO THE DRUG LORDS!!]

"The weapons seized included 18 M-16 assault rifles, including at least one equipped with an M-203 40mm grenade launcher, several M-4 carbines, 17 handguns of various calibers, over 200 magazines for different weapons, and more than 8,000 rounds of ammunition, assault vests and other military accessories."

"these weapons [analysis suggests that] were not intended for an assault of one Mexican narco-gang against a rival gang within the territory of Mexico, but were intended for a larger and more specific operation within the United States."

"sufficient to equip 3 six-man squads of a special operations capable strike force, with at least 400 rounds per man. The rifle and handgun ammunition consisted of armor-piercing, tracer and hollow point rounds; the M203 grenade launcher ammunition was primarily of the fragmentary type along with one armor-piercing round. This force is assessed to be comprised of former Mexican Army troops known as Zetas."

Conventional law enforcement CANNOT deal with an enemy possessing such firepower. ONLY military or quasi-military type units can do so!!



Invasion USA I - - Drugs.

This is coolbert:

"How would you like it, if someone invaded your country??!!" - - Common refrain heard from the mouths of anti-war activists protesting the American invasion of Iraq.

The next series of blog entries deals with the real-live invasion of the U.S. An on-going, several decades long invasion by the armed gangs of the Latin American drug cartels. At the current time, primarily the armed gangs of the Mexican drug lords. Aided and abetted in some instances by forces of the Mexican government.

An invasion that has been countered ONLY IN A TRIFLING manner to date by U.S. military forces. An invasion that has been seen as ONLY A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE AND NOTHING MORE!!

[the posse comitatus law of 1876 prohibits the U.S. military from being involved in law enforcement issues.]

Nonetheless, the U.S. military, hook, line and sinker has become embroiled in the anti-drug war.

War!!?? I think some devoted readers will say "the anti-drug campaign is not war as war is traditionally understood!"

And that is correct. NOT war in the traditional sense. Two groups, each using arms, each attempting to impose their will on the other??!! Is this what the anti-drug campaign is??!! War as conflict existing somewhere along the war-peace/polar opposite/sliding scale continuum??!!

The various branches of the U.S. military ARE NOW and have been for some time involved in this anti-drug war, albeit primarily in a surveillance/reconnaissance role. A role that may at any time become more intense and heated??!!

Posse comitatus notwithstanding, the use of U.S. military forces in the anti-drug campaign will only become greater as the nexus of drug lords/terrorists/illegal migrants becomes more emboldened and brazen.


A means of connection; a link or tie: "this nexus between New York's . . . real-estate investors and its . . . politicians" (Wall Street Journal).

A connected series or group."



Monday, August 20, 2007

Witch Doctor?

This is coolbert:

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.

"I have lived a long and complicated life, through turbulent, tempestuous, and horrible times." - - P. Grigorenko.

And for Credo Mutwa too.

Credo Mutwa. The Zulu sangoma [shaman/witch doctor] who was the source of information on Zulu military pharmacology as shown in the TV program "Secrets of the Dead".

Military pharmacology that included [but not limited to by any means]:

* Dagga [South African form of marijuana]ingested [in the form of a snuff] by Zulu warriors prior to combat. Gives a high to the "troops" without the normal sedative effects of the drug as found in other places of the world.

* A drug given to Zulu "commando" units prior to combat. Alters the vision of the individual "troop" in a manner to allow for much greater concentration on the target.

In the aftermath of Isandhlwana, the bodies of the dead British troops had their bellies slit open by the victorious Zulu. This is NOT, as Credo carefully explained, the result of bloodthirsty and barbaric savages run amuck. Rather is a symbol of great respect given by the Zulu to a vanquished but brave and honorable foe. Slitting open the belly, according to the beliefs of the Zulu, allows for the soul to leave the body and travel to the "other" world. Again, a ritual the Zulu would only accord to those that had comported themselves in a honorable and brave manner on the battlefield.

And for that skull hanging around the neck of Credo? That is not merely an amulet or fetish or other form of heathen worship. Is carried by the sangoma to indicate the specific points on the skull where a hole is to be drilled to released internal pressure. Internal pressure that is a result of a blunt instrument blow. A blunt instrument such as A Zulu knobkerrie. This is trepanning. A specific point that when properly drilled will give off a "psssst" sound [according to Credo] indicating the procedure has been done properly.

[even English doctors at Agincourt [1415] did not know the skill of trepanning. This was a "lost art" NOT to be rediscovered for centuries to come!!]

"Were we Africans really a race of primitives who possessed no knowledge at all before the white man came to Africa?"

NO, indeed NOT!!

Here are some additional web sites for Credo Mutwa:

As to the alien abductions, Illuminati conspiracies, underground cities, etc., you have to the judge for yourself and keep your own council. Regarding the battlefield pharmaceuticals and medical treatments of the Zulu, that we can hold in high regard.



Friday, August 17, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here are some web sites on the Dayaks and their swords.

Dayaks are adept at sword making and proficient in use of the edged weapon. Still carried as part of the normal dress and recently used in warfare with Indonesian immigrants transplanted by the “central government” to Borneo.

[textbooks will label the island Kalimantan. I still call it Borneo.]

As to the conflict between the indigenous Dayak and the Madurese immigrants, wouldn’t you know the whole thing started over a woman! How typical. Well, the conflict that raged for ten years in Lebanon began over the rapes of two Christian girls by Muslim men. One hundred thousand dead and one million casualties overall the result of a couple rapes!! There is just something about an “out” group behaving in an aggressive manner toward the women of the “in” group that results in an primitive, visceral, reptilian-part-of-the-brain response.


Observers noted corpses prominently put on display all along the road into the interior, some without heads, some with stomachs ripped open apparently as a result of revived head-hunting ceremonies . . . There were even reports of Dayaks eating the livers of some of those they killed"

"The Dayak practice of headhunting, rooted for the most part in religious beliefs, has now disappeared."

[well, NOT exactly, has it!!??]

As with Weyland the Smith in Europe, the inyanga yensimbi of the Zulu nation, the sword maker of the Dayak is said to possess “magical” powers. Pull out of earth [iron ore] a weapon that has supernatural properties. IRON ORE FOUND IN METEOR FRAGMENTS IS SOMETIMES USED TO MAKE SWORDS, TITANIUM ALSO USED WHEN OBTAINABLE!!

"meteorite ore including titanium, was used to make blades"

"nearly all the iron worked by the tribes of the interior was from ore found in the river-beds, and possibly from masses of meteoric iron"


As for the Madurese immigrants - - DON’T MESS WITH THE DAYAK!!

[the desire of governments to mix different peoples in the same place has quite often disastrous consequences. Globalization is often NOT for the best!!]



This is coolbert:

That hypersonic missile, not ballistic in nature, is NOT a figment of my imagination.

"Hypersonic Cruise Missile: America's New Global Strike Weapon"

Static tests of such a vehicle have already been done, and full-scale test flight is in the works for 2009 by the earliest.

Called at this point the X-51.

A hypersonic missile, launched from a B-52 that will allow any spot on earth to be struck within sixty minutes of the “go” signal being given. A scramjet type of missile, the scramjet having no moving parts for the engine, the body of the missile being of the waverider variety. Impressive technology.

Will NOT carry a nuclear warhead. ON THE CONTRARY! Designed to provide for a very effective and almost instantaneous NON-NUCLEAR response to a “situation”.

Conventional weaponry again having been developed to the point where the amount of damage created is at least equal to that of a tactical nuke. In the case of the hypersonic X-51, the payload is thousands [exact number unknown] of tungsten flechettes [?], each having the striking power way beyond that of a fifty caliber [.50] round. Wherever the X-51 warhead detonates, destruction is complete and assured.

"Traveling as fast as 13,000 mph, the warheads are filled with scored tungsten rods with twice the strength of steel. Just above the target, the warheads detonate, showering the area with thousands of rods-each one up to 12 times as destructive as a .50-caliber bullet. Anything within 3000 sq. ft. of this whirling, metallic storm is obliterated."

It is easy to imagine that this [hypersonic missile] is also something the Russians would be interested in. Allow their fleet of aging but still effective TU-95 “Bear” bombers to remain in useful service for decades to come.

[allowing for mid-course maneuver to foil defenses too? As with the latest Russian ballistic missile re-entry vehicle carried into orbit by a Topol missile! The Russian hypersonic vehicle is called the "Needle"!]

A submarine launched version of the hypersonic missile is also under consideration. Multiple independent re-entry vehicles borne aloft from a Trident missile. Taken into ballistic orbit and hit any spot on the planet.

This is formidable and deadly technology. Nuclear effect with non-nuclear weaponry. Flexible and responsive.


Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is coolbert:

Read here the comments of Allan Savory in the aftermath of 9/11.

Allan Savory

[note the date of the article, September 15, 2001.]

Savory was/is a man intimately knowledgeable with all the factors influencing irregular warfare as has been fought throughout history.

[until I read the various internet sites concerning Allan Savory, the man was totally unfamiliar to me. Sounds like he was/is the Rhodesian version of the Frenchman Roger Trinquier.]

Instrumental in developing many of the techniques used by the Rhodesian military in their ultimately losing battle against communist/nationalist insurgents.

Savory suggests that the current conflict is indeed "old wine in a new bottle".

"This is not a new form of warfare - it is one of the oldest forms of warfare that, due to technological advances, is capable of wreaking unbelievable damage."

With the potential of course, for an event/events of an even more catastrophic nature.

"This has been the most massive guerrilla attack ever staged, but it will pale into insignificance with future nuclear or biological attacks unless our leaders act with understanding and wisdom as well as determination."

Savory has in the past and probably right now is noted for controversy:

"A mistake made by most governments is to call their opponents 'terrorists'. The constant use of the word 'terrorist' while televising dramatically the damage and suffering makes their action several million times more damaging . . . The Smith government [Rhodesian ruling party] made that mistake and repeatedly attacked me as an army officer and Member of Parliament for using the name guerrillas instead of trying to understand the form of warfare they faced."

"When, as leader of the opposition in Parliament, I said (to Smith), 'You are going to have to talk to the guerrilla leaders.' I was branded a coward and traitor in public."

Guerrillas, NOT terrorists? Osama a guerrilla?

A holistic solution to the current problem, NOT merely a military solution. I think a lot of folks at the top intuitively understand this. Putting that holistic solution in practice is what people imperfectly grasp at.



This is coolbert:

Here is something that just not so long ago would have been considered to be another military anachronism. Man-tracking.

Following a person or persons [quarry] as a big-game hunter would follow wild [and very dangerous] game. A quarry that does not want to be found. A quarry that will fight and kill pursuers.

A "skill" that was thought to have been applicable perhaps in the 1840's or so. By Texas Rangers or such. Finding and following ["cutting sign"] the trail left by hostiles. NOT a skill pertinent to modern warfare where armor/artillery/aircraft or the use of nuclear weapons is more to be expected.

Man-tracking as practiced today was brought to a high level of development by the British military. An art [man-tracking] found to be of great value in such conflicts as the:

* Malay insurgency.

* Mau-Mau uprising.

* African anti-poaching operations.

"the concepts of irregular warfare and tactical tracking by Allan Savory, a game ranger known for his innovative and successful concepts in hunting down heavily armed elephant and rhino poachers."

[see my recent blog entry on the anti-poaching teams of the Central African republic.]

With regard to the Malay Insurgency, Dayaks from the island of Borneo were found to be man-trackers of the highest caliber. Persons, hunters/gatherers still following a way of life where tracking is an essential for survival. British soldiers serving with these "primitives" were amazed again and again at the ability of a Dayak to follow a trail where NO ONE else could do so. Essential to defeating the communist terrorists [CT's] of that era.

[a Dayak will trail a "quarry" ONLY either at sunrise or sunset. "Sign" is most visible during those two time periods. Recall too previous blog entries mentioning the Dayaks. Persons still carrying swords as part of the standard dress and using same with relish!!]

Man-tracking is being practiced RIGHT NOW ALONG THE BORDER WITH MEXICO. A special anti-intruder unit of American Indians armed with M-16 "cuts sign" and follows persons suspected of drug smuggling.

At the end of the Second World War [1945], WHO would have thought that an ancient art such as man-tracking would be resurrected and brought a high state of development? Surely NOT the thinkers of the Rand Corp.


Monday, August 13, 2007


This is coolbert:

"Submarines For Sale!"

Thanks for this tidbit from James Santos through KTB.

"the Russian Navy is selling many of their 'used' Tango Class submarines. For a mere half million dollars, you can have one of these diesel submarines, let over from the 'Cold War'.

These are intended for static displays . . . But as we have noted by a phone call from D.E.A., it is also quite possible that drug runners would like to get one or more."

"drug runners would like to get one or more"

Drug runners!! U-boat attack by the Cali cartel and such?

YES!! NOT so absurd.

It is a known fact that several years ago, a member of the Russian Mafia residing in Brooklyn did try to act as a go-between between some Colombian drug cartel and the Russian military. Negotiate and buy a used Soviet submarine for drug smuggling operations. Bring all sorts of illicit contraband into the U.S.

This Russian immigrant [he certainly showed a lot of love for his adopted new home, did he not!!??] talked tough, dressed tough, acted tough. Tried to present himself as person that could get things done.

Thankfully, the deal did not go through. The Colombians nixed the transaction when they found out THAT THE USED SUBMARINE COULD NO LONGER SUBMERGE!! Well, you have to ask yourself, WHO WOULD BUY A SUBMARINE THAT COULD NOT SUBMERGE?!

[maybe some zillionaire with a lot of loose change would like to buy a Tango Class sub to use as a conversation piece. Automate, put a very thick window on the bottom, Captain Nemo style, take for cruises with that person you want to impress. I could imagine the cost of operating such a boat would a lot more than the cost of the sub itself!!]

Put this one in the strange but true category.



Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guam II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

The island of Guam is in a state of ferment. Ferment as a result of a significant and substantial military build-up on the island territory that is the furthest west outpost of American military power.

Guam - - where America's day begins!!

"Pentagon begins military buildup on Guam"

A build-up as a result of concerns regarding China and the continuing need for rapid deployment of military force to the Indian Ocean area.

Naval and air bases already existing on Guam are to be expanded. With the intention of accommodating additional military forces. To include the U.S. Marine brigade plus already stationed on Okinawa. A brigade to be re-deployed [deployment has already begun??] in response to Japanese sensitivities.

"the 7,000 Marines moving out of Okinawa, Japan, will relocate to Guam between 2008 and 2012."

Consider the scope of this expansion IN ADDITION to the Marine brigade:

* "the Navy might station as many as six additional nuclear submarines at the island, already home to three subs."

* "the Air Force plans to station some of its F/A-22 fighter jets on the island"

* "three massive Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles"

* [an] "aircraft carrier, which would bring with it roughly 5,000 sailors on the carrier and an associated air wing."

Construction is underway, right now, as we speak. It seems that the island of Guam has it's own military force, a construction-type Seabee National Guard unit. Doing a lot of the work?

It is also stated [at least in the Chicago Tribune], that the people of Guam have a degree of trepidation about this massive military build-up.

The island is relatively poor and has inadequate infrastructure, roads, housing, etc., to meet the demands of such an influx of military personnel.

Of special concern seems to the Marine brigade. Deploying from Okinawa to Guam. The Marines have a somewhat undeserved reputation for criminal behavior, stemming from several highly publicized recent "incidents". Rape, home invasion, etc. All creating a stir in Japan and the U.S. The Marines are felt to be young, hard-drinking, aggressive, etc. Make for poor "guests". I think this is just way overblown. The crime rate among the Marines is probably a lot less than that of the general population.

"Marines, lets go!!" And Navy and Air Force too!!

No wonder those Russian "Bears" were so interested in Guam!!



Guam I.

This is coolbert: "Guam - - Where America's Day Begins."

What is one to make of this headline??

"Russia sparks Cold War scramble"

Russian TU-95 aircraft "buzz" the island of Guam!!

"The Tu-95 pilots exchanged smiles with their US counterparts
Russian bombers have flown to the US Pacific island of Guam in a manoeuvre reminiscent of the Cold War era."

However, consider this:

"Update: A US General, on the other hand, says that the Russian planes didn’t even get within 500 kilometers (300 miles) of Guam: 'U.S. planes went to an orbit point in preparation for an intercept that never occurred because the Bears didn’t get close enough'."

This is like something from the Cold War. An ancient but still potent-with-the-right-missile-aboard Russian TU-95 aircraft attempts to do a surveillance of American military assets somewhere in the world. Testing defenses and conducting reconnaissance.

The TU-95 "Bear" was once active all over the oceans of the world. Is primarily [?] a naval aviation reconnaissance aircraft. Flew on this occasion from Russian bases far to the north of Guam. Flying 3,000 miles one-way from some base in the Russian Far East to pay a visit to where "America's Day Begins"?

"Bear" at one time would sortie from Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Somalia, Vietnam, on missions to locate and intercept U.S. aircraft carriers. I worked with a man who at one time in the 1970's was stationed on the U.S.S Midway. Having a "Bear" perform a fly-by of the Midway at close range was not a common occurrence but not that uncommon either.

What is this all about? Awash in petro-dollars, Russian is once again beginning to flex military muscles and reassert itself on the world-stage? Has intentions that go far beyond the borders of Russia itself?

During the last two years, "Bears" have been surprisingly active:

* "On September 29, 2006 NORAD scrambled Canadian CF-18s from CFB Cold Lake in Central Alberta and American F-15s out of an airbase in Alaska to intercept 'a number of the Russian Tu-95 Bear heavy bombers participating in an annual Russian air force exercise near the coast of Alaska and Canada.' This launch was a result of the bombers penetrating the North America's Air Defense Identification Zone."

* "In May 2007, the Royal Air Force scrambled two Tornado F3 fighters from RAF Leuchars in Scotland to intercept a Tu-95 observing the Royal Navy exercise Neptune Warrior."

* "In July 2007, two Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16's (from Bodo, Norway) and subsequently two RAF Tornados F3's (from RAF Leeming, England) intercepted two Tu-95s as they allegedly made their way down the Norwegian coast towards Scotland."

And, of course, the latest incident.

* "In August 2007, two Tu-95s flew towards the US base on Guam, where they were intercepted by US fighter planes."

Everyone will say that the "Bear" is so antiquated an aircraft that these flights are of no significance ["The Tu-95 is still in service, as of 2007, and expected to remain so with the Russian Air Force until at least 2040"]. What if, however, the Russians were able to build a hypersonic, nuclear-capable, in-mid-course-maneuverable missile, air-launchable from a "Bear". Operate in a stand-off mode as does a Short Range Attack Missile [SRAM] from a B-52. New and formidable capability for an old fashioned aircraft ["Bear"].

I wonder what Ion Pacepa has to say about this? 6,000 former KGB agents occupy governmental positions in Russia? Including right now, the Russian Presidency!

"A leopard does not change it's spots??!!"


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Thursday, August 09, 2007


This is coolbert:

Go to these web sites to see recent writings by the defector Ion Pacepa:

[thanks to the wiki for all this]

"The Arafat I Knew
He hasn't changed since his days as a KGB-backed terrorist.

"The KGB's Man
Moscow turned Arafat into a terrorist.

Obviously all written prior to the recent demise of Chairman Arafat of the PLO.

"Khaddafi’s 'Conversion'
Has the Libyan leopard changed his spots?

[the Mafia gangster "Sammy the Bull" Gravano asked the same question! "Does a leopard change it's spots?]. The answer is - - NO!!]

"From Russia With Terror"

"the Soviets armed Hussein with WMDs, and also taught him how to eliminate any trace of them"

[the above written in 2004!!]

"No Peter the Great
Vladimir Putin is in the Andropov mold.

"Putin's Duality"

[Ion is NOT high on Vlad Putin and the new cadre of rulers in Russia.]

"Who Is Raúl Castro?
A tyrant only a brother could love

[just the other day in the Chicago Tribune was an article about Raul Castro and "HOW" he is modernizing and liberalizing Cuba!! Or "HOW" he intends to do so!!]

"Russian Footprints
What does Moscow have to do with the recent war in Lebanon?

"Tyrants and the Bomb"

[atomic bomb that is!!]

"The Kremlin’s Killing Ways
A long tradition continues.

"We should stop pretending that Russia’s government is democratic, and assess it for what it really is: a band of over 6,000 former officers of the KGB — one of the most criminal organizations in history — who grabbed the most important positions in the federal and local governments"

Most of these articles are from the Front Page Magazine or National Review Online. Usually characterized as "right-wing" publications. Take it for what it is worth and be your own judge. Personally, I like reading this stuff. From the horses mouth, so to speak!!??



This is coolbert:

"I have lived a long and complicated life, through turbulent, tempestuous, and horrible times." - - P. Grigorenko.

Perhaps one of the more unusual and tragic figures to emerge from the Cold War was the Soviet General officer Pyotr [Peter] Grigorenko.

"a very unusual person"

A man who served with honor and courage during the Great Patriotic War [that is what the Soviets and the Russians call World War Two]. Rose to the rank of Major General.

"Major General of the Red Army"

Had a successful post-war career as well. Was a military theoretician of some significance? On the faculty and was a lecturer at the Frunze Academy.

"Military Science professor"

Became a Soviet dissident/activist in the early 1960's.

"an oppositionist"

This is spite of being among the upper elite of the Soviet hierarchy.

[military officers of general officer rank normally ranked as elitists within the Soviet regime!!]

Was brutally and cruelly treated by Soviet "psychiatrists". Locked up in an insane asylum and subjected to drug treatments designed to break the man physically, mentally, spiritually!

"later jailed in Soviet mental hospitals and eventually exiled to the West"

Was later stripped on all his honors and exiled to the U.S. Much as was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Cannot really be considered to be a "defector". Rather, an exiled dissident. Again, as was Solzhenitsyn.

It seems it was Grigorenko that first [?] proposed the theory that the Red Army under the command of Stalin was poised TO ATTACK WESTERN EUROPE IN JULY OF 1941. An attack that did not transpire, Hitler having struck first!!

"Grigorenko also was one of the first people who questioned the official Soviet version of World War II history. He pointed out that just prior to the German attack on June 22, 1941, vast Soviet troops were concentrated in the area west of Białystok, deep in occupied Poland, getting ready for a surprise offensive, but vulnerable to be encircled in case of surprise German attack. His ideas were later advanced by Viktor Suvorov"

This "theory" has recently been popularized by that other famous Soviet defector/dissident/writer, Victor Suvorov. Suvorov expounds at length on this theory in his book, "M Day".

Grigorenko is correct in his appraisal that Stalin intended to attack western Europe in 1941? I would have to think that a man of Grigorenko's rank and caliber would HAVE TO HAD INSIGHTS THAT OTHER PERSONS JUST WOULD NOT HAVE!!



Monday, August 06, 2007


This is coolbert:

Read this symposium:

"Stalin: The Great Warlord?"

Thanks to

"Geoffrey Roberts, a Professor of History at the University College Cork, Ireland, is the author of a new book, Stalin's Wars: From World War to Cold War, 1939-1953, which offers a major reassessment of Stalin as a war leader and as a postwar peacemaker. Among other things, Roberts argues that Stalin was a highly effective and successful war leader and that he saved the world for democracy."

One of the contributors to the symposium is - - Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa.

"the highest ranking intelligence official ever to have defected from the Soviet bloc"

Reading the symposium, it is the comments of Pacepa that I pay the closest attention to. I am of the opinion that only these high ranking defectors [count Senja, Grigorenko, Suvorov among the many] can provide worthy analysis with the correct proper perspective the subject merits. Read carefully the comments of Pacepa.

Stalin as a great wartime leader? Great by what definition. This is most important? Great in the Biblical sense of the word? Great as in POWERFUL? A leader who has at his/her disposal GREAT power and exercises same, heedless of the consequences!! That is not how the modern context of GREAT is seen. GREAT as I understand the modern context is that proper combination of power with restraint for GOOD!!

Stalin WAS great in the Biblical sense!!

NOT great in the modern sense.

A Roosevelt WAS great in the modern understanding of the word "GREAT". Exercised tremendous power, but did so with restraint, considering the consequences, and did so for GOOD!!

[that is also NOT to say that Roosevelt made mistakes - - YES, he did!!]

From one of the symposium contributors:

"Of course the word 'great' can be used in many ways. If 'the great man of history' is anyone who had a major impact on history, then both Stalin and Hitler qualify . . . But . . . neither man can be called 'great' in the broader sense of the term."

Well, there is in - - in a nutshell, as they say!!


Sunday, August 05, 2007


This is coolkbert:

Aadvark - - A strange, odd-looking creature of unusual habits. Put together in a manner so that it resembles no other animal. In a class all by itself.

Almost forty years ago now, another military aircraft also made it's first debut in combat. Was sent to the Southeast Asian theatre to participate in the Rolling Thunder air campaign against North Vietnam.

This was the F-111. Unkindly referred to as the Aardvark! Highly touted. Deployed to test all-weather, day/night combat capability under real wartime conditions.

[deployed just as the monsoon season was beginning in SE Asia. A perfect time to test "all-weather, day/night combat capability".]

Test under combat conditions. Just as is being today, at this very moment, with the V-22 Osprey fielded by the U.S. Marines in Iraq.

I remember all too well the high hopes and expectations that the Air Force had for the F-111. As with the Osprey, the F-111 was steamrolled into production over the objections of many in the military. Was not felt to be a suitable warbird. Had shortcomings that would not allow for superior performance. The F-111 had been designed to be a combat aircraft THAT COULD DO IT ALL!! Was perceived, however, as a military aircraft that WAS NOT ABLE TO DO ALMOST ANYTHING WELL!!

[The F-111 as originally envisioned DID have on paper a formidable capability. All-weather, day/night combat operations were feasible. Had a terrain-following radar that allowed for low-level attack all the way to the target. There was high hopes that the F-111 would outperform all other aircraft in the inventory in a MARKED manner.]

This initial combat deployment of the F-111 was called Combat Lancer.

Combat Lancer was not deemed a success. Rather the opposite. Combat Lancer turned out to be an abject failure. Of the original six deploying aircraft, two almost immediately either crashed or were shot down. After replacements were sent AND YET A THIRD F-111 WAS DOWNED ON A MISSION, Combat Lancer was called to an inglorious halt.

"At month's [March 1968] end, after 55 missions that centered on North Vietnam targets, two aircraft . . . had been lost. Two more aircraft . . . arrived as replacements. The loss of a third Combat Lancer aircraft on April 22 halted F-111 operations."

I hope and pray the Osprey V-22 will function well and show some mettle in Iraq. Without incident, hopefully. Everyone will be watching. Hold your breath and cross your fingers.

[unbeknownst to me, the F-111 did serve honorable duty during the Linebacker air offensive against North Vietnam in 1972. Performed tasks admirably with little loss of aircraft to enemy action.]


Saturday, August 04, 2007


This is coolbert:

Once again to the V-22 Osprey. Soon to be deployed into combat for the first time. Going to Iraq for use by the U.S. Marines. Good luck to them. That Osprey equipped unit might actually be in-country right now, as we speak?

I know a lot of folks in the aviation field have a lot of trepidation about the Osprey. It is felt that there are several inherent flaws to the aircraft.

According to this recent television program about the Osprey, the aviation experts do agree that there are inherent difficulties associated with the V-22. Difficulties, NOT EXACTLY, however, as what I had understood.

The Osprey:

* Lacks the ability for helicopter [rotary tilt] autorotation landing. The ability for a rotary wing aircraft to land [vertical descent] in a controlled manner even with engine failure.

"during auto rotation, air moves up into the rotor system from below as helicopter descends . . . It is the means by which a helicopter can be landed safely in the event of an engine failure."

* The Osprey is more susceptible to vortex ring state than other rotary wing aircraft [this in a vertical descent also].

A descending rotary wing aircraft, passing through the very air beaten downward by the rotor blades, creates a re-circulation of air that "can negate much of the lifting force and cause a catastrophic loss of altitude".

With regard to vortex ring state, having two engines means that an asymmetric descent can only exacerbate the situation?

The Marines DO APPEAR to be aware of these "difficulties" and have adopted protocols and procedures to handle emergencies involving at least vortex ring state. As for auto rotation, well, you do have two engines. But, what if one goes out and you are in vertical descent mode? What then? Asymmetry makes the beast difficult to fly and land safely?


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is a big surprise?

"Russia claims North Pole with Arctic flag stunt"

"Russia will fire the starting gun on the world’s last colonial scramble today when a submarine plants a flag under the North Pole to symbolize the Kremlin’s claim to the Arctic and its vast energy resources."


The Russians already have their hands full with they possess now. NOT an adequate number of healthy young men to man the Russian military at THIS TIME! Will be worse in the decades to come. Claiming all that sea and the land underneath without the wherewithal to back up their claim is folly??

"In an unprecedented and potentially perilous mission, veteran Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov will descend 14,000 feet in a deep sea submersible and drop a Russian tricolor cast in titanium onto the seabed."

"Global warming has given renewed impetus to the race for control of the Arctic."

"Melting ice sheets could open up the fabled North East passage, the quest for which claimed countless sailors’ lives, for the first time."

"The route, which could dramatically cut the length of a journey from Europe to Asia, could become navigable to commercial traffic within eight years."

I do recall from the early 1970's, when the North Slope oil of Alaska was first discovered. The oil tanker Manhattan made the voyage through the Northwest Passage just to see if it could be done. Was deemed not totally feasible or something like that!

"The more clement conditions make for an equally tantalizing prospect."

OH, yes, a boon to global warming after all. See, it all evens out. I could have told you so from the start.

[actually, I am skeptical of all this!!]

"According to some estimates, the Arctic is home to a quarter of the world’s untapped energy reserves - now more accessible than they ever have been"

Perhaps there are reserves of energy!!?? They said the same thing about the Gran Chaco and the Falklands too!!

"there is still doubt about the technical feasibility of extracting oil and gas from the Arctic."

Right!! Even if the stuff is there, it will next to impossible to even explore, much less to GET OUT of the ground and send to market. NEXT to IMPOSSIBLE!!

From time over the many decades, you would hear that the Arctic region was a potential battleground. American nuclear submarine versus Soviet nuclear submarine dueling in out under the Arctic ice pack.

Quite a stir WAS made when the U.S.S. Nautilus made the first transit of the Arctic Ocean, passing UNDER the North Pole!! Captain Anderson, commanding the Nautilus, became a national hero and was considered for high political office at the time.

It is known that the Soviets and perhaps the Americans and Canadians too have utilized floating islands of ice in the Arctic as bases for "research" and intelligence gathering. Islands of ice that maintain their cohesiveness and wander through the ocean, following the prevailing currents. The Soviets pioneered these islands for "military bases" [these are still used??].

My own perception is that the Arctic is now and will be for some time to come just is too harsh an area of the world to conduct military operations.

Whatever energy reserves are present will not be worth the value of confrontation and possible military action. It IS NOT going to be!

[let us not forget riverine warfare in the northern regions either. Global warming will mean that rivers currently flowing into the Arctic and choked with ice for at least six months of the year will become navigable. Rivers in Russian such as the Lena, Ob, Yenesei! The Mackenzie and Yukon of North America the same! This is pure speculation on my part of course!]