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Thursday, August 09, 2007


This is coolbert:

Go to these web sites to see recent writings by the defector Ion Pacepa:

[thanks to the wiki for all this]

"The Arafat I Knew
He hasn't changed since his days as a KGB-backed terrorist.

"The KGB's Man
Moscow turned Arafat into a terrorist.

Obviously all written prior to the recent demise of Chairman Arafat of the PLO.

"Khaddafi’s 'Conversion'
Has the Libyan leopard changed his spots?

[the Mafia gangster "Sammy the Bull" Gravano asked the same question! "Does a leopard change it's spots?]. The answer is - - NO!!]

"From Russia With Terror"

"the Soviets armed Hussein with WMDs, and also taught him how to eliminate any trace of them"

[the above written in 2004!!]

"No Peter the Great
Vladimir Putin is in the Andropov mold.

"Putin's Duality"

[Ion is NOT high on Vlad Putin and the new cadre of rulers in Russia.]

"Who Is Raúl Castro?
A tyrant only a brother could love

[just the other day in the Chicago Tribune was an article about Raul Castro and "HOW" he is modernizing and liberalizing Cuba!! Or "HOW" he intends to do so!!]

"Russian Footprints
What does Moscow have to do with the recent war in Lebanon?

"Tyrants and the Bomb"

[atomic bomb that is!!]

"The Kremlin’s Killing Ways
A long tradition continues.

"We should stop pretending that Russia’s government is democratic, and assess it for what it really is: a band of over 6,000 former officers of the KGB — one of the most criminal organizations in history — who grabbed the most important positions in the federal and local governments"

Most of these articles are from the Front Page Magazine or National Review Online. Usually characterized as "right-wing" publications. Take it for what it is worth and be your own judge. Personally, I like reading this stuff. From the horses mouth, so to speak!!??



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