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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is coolbert:

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Intelligence Dope Update.

"Do you remember about a year ago, one of our S.E.I.G. Agents reported that China had several aircraft carriers that were just 'on display' to the public...............and that they were retrofitting them to go into active service. Do you remember that? And do you remember that we also reported through a S.E.I.G. Agent that Russia was selling specially modified fighters, the Sukhoi Su-33, specially modified to operate from aircraft carriers?"

Thanks here to the web site: and Harry for the tip.

"We just received a report from a S.E.I.G. Agent that China has just bought four sets of arresting cable assemblies for us on their aircraft carriers. And they got them from the same place they got their Su-33 fighters from Russia."

The Chinese purported aircraft carrier is being fitted with arresting cables to go with newly purchased Russian naval aircraft, the Su-33.

[I say purported as this vessel is currently in a static display mode, not having sailed or been used as an operational aircraft carrier!!]

The Su-33 [Flanker-D] is a modified Su-27 specifically designed for naval operations.

"The Su-33 first flew in May 1985, and entered service in the Russian Navy in 1994. An air regiment comprising 24 fighters of the type was formed up on the Russian Navy's only operating aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov."

Other Russian [formerly Soviet] Navy aircraft carriers were built, but were never deployed or even made operational. Sold as static displays. Among them the Varyag.

Russian designed and built aircraft carriers are the jump jet ski-lift type take-off variety. DO NOT use a catapult for launch as do American aircraft carriers.

"the Su-33 is designed to use a ski-jump instead of catapult for carrier takeoff."

"The ski jump provides many advantages over a catapult launch."

Advantages such as:

"a ski jump does not put stress on the airframe and pilot"

"the aircraft can engage full afterburner earlier than a catapult launch"

The ski jump also has a disadvantage:

"On the down side, an aircraft launched off a ski jump cannot launch at maximum takeoff weight"

There is a lot of speculation concerning the ex-Russian aircraft carrier Varyag. Is even an excellent web site devoted the vessel. Worth looking over.

Consider the extent to which pilots practice simulated carrier landings before they do it for real:

"During testing, each pilot made 400 landings on a concrete runway matching the size, and shape of the carrier deck, in order to practice no-flare landing technique before making an actual landing on a carrier deck."

"a Kamov Ka-27PS search-and-rescue helicopter was flown close to the carrier in the event of an accident."

I believe this is SOP with American aircraft carriers too. A search and rescue [SAR] helicopter is aloft and standing by during all take off and landing operations. Able to pluck a pilot from the ocean instantly in case of something going awry.

The Chinese already fly the Kamov Ka-27.

The deployment of the [Chinese name is???] is a done-deal!? We will see this vessel soon taking to the oceans of the world flying the latest and baddest aircraft the Russians can put into the air? Flying the Chinese flag, showing the colors at ports all over the world. Flexing muscles in the South China Sea, Straits of Malacca and showing the "yang-cou-ce" a thing or two?!

[PLEASE keep in mind that the Chinese have bought aircraft carriers from Australia, Russia [Soviets], and Brazil in the past too!! Used for a variety of purposes. NOT as combat warships!! This is NOT new??!!]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a direct threat to the US, at least not yet(and doubtful the Japanese are too worried either). But if you are a Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc... you might be a little nervous. I also expect to see PRC aircraft carriers docking at various 3rd world ports in the coming years, maybe not so much for military purposes, but for "goodwill." I have no doubt that these aircraft carriers will also be used as training platforms.
Having an operational carrier is a way for the PRC to show that they can play the power projection game too.

10:21 AM

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