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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guam II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

The island of Guam is in a state of ferment. Ferment as a result of a significant and substantial military build-up on the island territory that is the furthest west outpost of American military power.

Guam - - where America's day begins!!

"Pentagon begins military buildup on Guam"

A build-up as a result of concerns regarding China and the continuing need for rapid deployment of military force to the Indian Ocean area.

Naval and air bases already existing on Guam are to be expanded. With the intention of accommodating additional military forces. To include the U.S. Marine brigade plus already stationed on Okinawa. A brigade to be re-deployed [deployment has already begun??] in response to Japanese sensitivities.

"the 7,000 Marines moving out of Okinawa, Japan, will relocate to Guam between 2008 and 2012."

Consider the scope of this expansion IN ADDITION to the Marine brigade:

* "the Navy might station as many as six additional nuclear submarines at the island, already home to three subs."

* "the Air Force plans to station some of its F/A-22 fighter jets on the island"

* "three massive Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles"

* [an] "aircraft carrier, which would bring with it roughly 5,000 sailors on the carrier and an associated air wing."

Construction is underway, right now, as we speak. It seems that the island of Guam has it's own military force, a construction-type Seabee National Guard unit. Doing a lot of the work?

It is also stated [at least in the Chicago Tribune], that the people of Guam have a degree of trepidation about this massive military build-up.

The island is relatively poor and has inadequate infrastructure, roads, housing, etc., to meet the demands of such an influx of military personnel.

Of special concern seems to the Marine brigade. Deploying from Okinawa to Guam. The Marines have a somewhat undeserved reputation for criminal behavior, stemming from several highly publicized recent "incidents". Rape, home invasion, etc. All creating a stir in Japan and the U.S. The Marines are felt to be young, hard-drinking, aggressive, etc. Make for poor "guests". I think this is just way overblown. The crime rate among the Marines is probably a lot less than that of the general population.

"Marines, lets go!!" And Navy and Air Force too!!

No wonder those Russian "Bears" were so interested in Guam!!




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