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Friday, August 31, 2007

Invasion USA V - - Map.

This is coolbert:
This is frightening stuff.

Thanks here to VDare [] and before them to USANumbers.

Click on the map accompanying this blog entry for a large scale view of southern Arizona.

Those red and blue stars are the purported listening/observation posts [LP/OP] of the Latin American drug cartels. Persons smuggling drugs into the U.S.

[this is recent stuff too. Valid as of June 2007!!??]

Make sure we are all on the same page about this one. Those ARE NOT the LP/OP of the DEA, local law enforcement, Border Patrol, U.S. military. Those ARE THE LP/OP OF THE BAD GUYS. Strategic reconnaissance "hide spots" set up by the villains on the U.S. side of the border, in most cases, far north of the border.

These are "hide spots" used to watch for anti-smuggling patrols and operations of the U.S. government entities. Once again, DEA, local law enforcement, Border Patrol, military. "Hide spots" either known to have been occupied, are occupied, or perhaps are occupied, by quasi-military, heavily armed "units" of the drug-narcoticos. Bad hombres' if there ever were any. U.S. GOVERNMENT ENTITIES ARE WATCHING FOR THE SMUGGLERS AND THEMSELVES ARE BEING WATCHED, AND BIG TIME TOO!!

[if you are considering doing some hiking around this region of the country, the best advice would BE NOT TO DO SO!! You may not emerge alive!!]

NOTE the proliferation of these "hide spots". Many of them. And this is just for Arizona, and the southern half of the state at that. Also keep in mind this is a wide swath of territory. We are not even taking into count the other states along the border, California, New Mexico, Texas. This is just for Arizona alone.

My guess would be that the DEA, Border Patrol, local law enforcement, military, are way behind the learning curve with regard to fighting the drug cartels. The bad guys are several steps ahead at all times. This map only demonstrates ONE aspect of the whole, and what you see is bad.




Blogger John said...

Thanks for sharing this alarming information. In a way this reminds of the penetration of the vietcong hochiminh trail extensions far into SVietnam. Scary to think that there may be some at high levels in our government who wish to cede territory to international drug distribution organizations, for an archipelago of hostile military bases inside our borders. The command of the nation should go forth to the officials neglecting this array of hostile forts: THESE SHALL BE CLEARED FORTHWITH- ACKNOWLEDGE!

6:47 PM


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