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Monday, August 20, 2007

Witch Doctor?

This is coolbert:

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.

"I have lived a long and complicated life, through turbulent, tempestuous, and horrible times." - - P. Grigorenko.

And for Credo Mutwa too.

Credo Mutwa. The Zulu sangoma [shaman/witch doctor] who was the source of information on Zulu military pharmacology as shown in the TV program "Secrets of the Dead".

Military pharmacology that included [but not limited to by any means]:

* Dagga [South African form of marijuana]ingested [in the form of a snuff] by Zulu warriors prior to combat. Gives a high to the "troops" without the normal sedative effects of the drug as found in other places of the world.

* A drug given to Zulu "commando" units prior to combat. Alters the vision of the individual "troop" in a manner to allow for much greater concentration on the target.

In the aftermath of Isandhlwana, the bodies of the dead British troops had their bellies slit open by the victorious Zulu. This is NOT, as Credo carefully explained, the result of bloodthirsty and barbaric savages run amuck. Rather is a symbol of great respect given by the Zulu to a vanquished but brave and honorable foe. Slitting open the belly, according to the beliefs of the Zulu, allows for the soul to leave the body and travel to the "other" world. Again, a ritual the Zulu would only accord to those that had comported themselves in a honorable and brave manner on the battlefield.

And for that skull hanging around the neck of Credo? That is not merely an amulet or fetish or other form of heathen worship. Is carried by the sangoma to indicate the specific points on the skull where a hole is to be drilled to released internal pressure. Internal pressure that is a result of a blunt instrument blow. A blunt instrument such as A Zulu knobkerrie. This is trepanning. A specific point that when properly drilled will give off a "psssst" sound [according to Credo] indicating the procedure has been done properly.

[even English doctors at Agincourt [1415] did not know the skill of trepanning. This was a "lost art" NOT to be rediscovered for centuries to come!!]

"Were we Africans really a race of primitives who possessed no knowledge at all before the white man came to Africa?"

NO, indeed NOT!!

Here are some additional web sites for Credo Mutwa:

As to the alien abductions, Illuminati conspiracies, underground cities, etc., you have to the judge for yourself and keep your own council. Regarding the battlefield pharmaceuticals and medical treatments of the Zulu, that we can hold in high regard.




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