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Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is coolbert:

Read here the comments of Allan Savory in the aftermath of 9/11.

Allan Savory

[note the date of the article, September 15, 2001.]

Savory was/is a man intimately knowledgeable with all the factors influencing irregular warfare as has been fought throughout history.

[until I read the various internet sites concerning Allan Savory, the man was totally unfamiliar to me. Sounds like he was/is the Rhodesian version of the Frenchman Roger Trinquier.]

Instrumental in developing many of the techniques used by the Rhodesian military in their ultimately losing battle against communist/nationalist insurgents.

Savory suggests that the current conflict is indeed "old wine in a new bottle".

"This is not a new form of warfare - it is one of the oldest forms of warfare that, due to technological advances, is capable of wreaking unbelievable damage."

With the potential of course, for an event/events of an even more catastrophic nature.

"This has been the most massive guerrilla attack ever staged, but it will pale into insignificance with future nuclear or biological attacks unless our leaders act with understanding and wisdom as well as determination."

Savory has in the past and probably right now is noted for controversy:

"A mistake made by most governments is to call their opponents 'terrorists'. The constant use of the word 'terrorist' while televising dramatically the damage and suffering makes their action several million times more damaging . . . The Smith government [Rhodesian ruling party] made that mistake and repeatedly attacked me as an army officer and Member of Parliament for using the name guerrillas instead of trying to understand the form of warfare they faced."

"When, as leader of the opposition in Parliament, I said (to Smith), 'You are going to have to talk to the guerrilla leaders.' I was branded a coward and traitor in public."

Guerrillas, NOT terrorists? Osama a guerrilla?

A holistic solution to the current problem, NOT merely a military solution. I think a lot of folks at the top intuitively understand this. Putting that holistic solution in practice is what people imperfectly grasp at.



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