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Monday, August 13, 2007


This is coolbert:

"Submarines For Sale!"

Thanks for this tidbit from James Santos through KTB.

"the Russian Navy is selling many of their 'used' Tango Class submarines. For a mere half million dollars, you can have one of these diesel submarines, let over from the 'Cold War'.

These are intended for static displays . . . But as we have noted by a phone call from D.E.A., it is also quite possible that drug runners would like to get one or more."

"drug runners would like to get one or more"

Drug runners!! U-boat attack by the Cali cartel and such?

YES!! NOT so absurd.

It is a known fact that several years ago, a member of the Russian Mafia residing in Brooklyn did try to act as a go-between between some Colombian drug cartel and the Russian military. Negotiate and buy a used Soviet submarine for drug smuggling operations. Bring all sorts of illicit contraband into the U.S.

This Russian immigrant [he certainly showed a lot of love for his adopted new home, did he not!!??] talked tough, dressed tough, acted tough. Tried to present himself as person that could get things done.

Thankfully, the deal did not go through. The Colombians nixed the transaction when they found out THAT THE USED SUBMARINE COULD NO LONGER SUBMERGE!! Well, you have to ask yourself, WHO WOULD BUY A SUBMARINE THAT COULD NOT SUBMERGE?!

[maybe some zillionaire with a lot of loose change would like to buy a Tango Class sub to use as a conversation piece. Automate, put a very thick window on the bottom, Captain Nemo style, take for cruises with that person you want to impress. I could imagine the cost of operating such a boat would a lot more than the cost of the sub itself!!]

Put this one in the strange but true category.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago we looked at buying a lot of Russian subs (as moveable generators). They had no problems with selling them but did insist that various bits concerning going up and down be removed first.

8:39 AM

Blogger Albert said...

Bert says: At one time, forty years or so ago, the U.S. Army did have a portable generator on a barge. Generator that was nuclear powered. Would be towed to a battle zone and provide emergency power if need. The enlisted men running the power station had the highest re-enlistment variable in the Army at the time. That barge was decommissioned and never used even once.


8:58 PM


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