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Monday, August 27, 2007

Invasion USA III - - Zeke.

This is coolbert:

When discussing the use of U.S. military forces along the border with Mexico to deter and prevent the armed invasion of U.S. soil by the gangs of the drug "Lords", one would be remiss to NOT mention the "The Goat Herder incident".

The shooting and killing of a teenage goat herder, Ezequiel ["Zeke"] Hernandez Jr. "Zeke" became a casualty of the "war on drugs" when he was shot and killed by a member of a Marine team occupying a strategic reconnaissance "hide spot". A "hide spot" from the which the Marines were conducting a surreptitious surveillance of the U.S.-Mexican border. On the look out for convoys of drug-laden trucks crossing the border northward.

A somewhat dated "incident". From way back ten years ago now [1997].

In some circles became and still is a cause celebre'.

Listen hear to the National Public Radio broadcast describing the "incident".

Also, unfortunately, "Zeke" became and still is a popular topic among the corridos'. Mexican singers who extol the virtues of the drug-narcoticos and their cleverness in outwitting the hated gringo.

From the very start, and I remember this so well, this "incident" has been mis-reported and mis-represented in the mass media. Was felt to incorrectly be [among other things]:

* An unwarranted shooting by trigger-happy Marines.

* A violation of the posse comitatus law.

* A "militarization" of the U.S. border with Mexico.

This reconnaissance unit of Marines, occupying the "hide spot", as they did, observed "Zeke" on two occasions, and both times they saw what appeared to them to be the stereotypical behavior of a person comprising the "advanced guard" of a drug-narcotico gang. A member of the "advanced guard" using reconnaissance by fire to divulge the location of "enemy forces" [the Marines]. Fire into suspected "hide spots" and cause the reconnaissance unit to respond. This the Marines had been briefed about.

"reconnaissance by fire

(DOD, NATO) A method of reconnaissance in which fire is placed on a suspected enemy position to cause the enemy to disclose a presence by movement or return of fire."

[please keep in mind that these convoys of the drug smugglers crossing the border are done with military precision and style. Heavily armed convoy, multiple number of trucks simultaneously, preceded by an "advance guard".]

When "Zeke" approached the Marines in a direct manner, and pointed his rifle at them, at that exact moment, "Zeke" was using lethal force.

In the state of Texas, a person may use lethal force to defend his property, but ONLY DURING HOURS OF DARKNESS. IN THE CASE OF "Zeke", THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT DURING HOURS OF DARKNESS!!

"Zeke" was also IN THE HABIT OF firing his rifle at "suspected malefactors" [human or otherwise] that he ["Zeke"] felt was lurking nearby and threatening his goats.

"two Border Patrol agents heard gunshots on the riverbanks. Later, they came across Hernandez, who apologized to the agents, saying he 'thought he had seen someone trying to steal his goats, so he shot to try to scare them off,'"

A person, regardless of locale, possessing a firearm and pointing same at another person, is ALWAYS said to be using lethal force. Again, regardless of caliber of weapon, range, causation, etc. ANY person [U.S. Marines] having a firearm pointed at them is totally within their rights to use lethal force in response to defend themselves.

The Marines were investigated by a Texas grand jury, no charges being filed against them.

"residents [of Redford] were assumed to be in cahoots. 'Not a friendly town,'"

As for the local town where "Zeke" was from, Redford, TX., I am sure that the DEA and other intelligence agencies have some sort of protocol to determine if the locals are friendly or hostile. Look at how many late model top-of-the-line SUV's are owned by presumably poverty stricken people. How many homes have had recent extensive remodeling done to them, etc. See if a local hamlet is in the pay of the drug dealers or not.

A tragic incident? YES! Brutal and unwarranted use of military force on the border with Mexico? NO!




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