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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is coolbert:

Here is a big break in the war on terror?

Again, being handled as a mere criminal case?

"Alleged Mata Hari of Al Qaeda Could Provide 'Treasure Trove' of Intelligence"

From only yesterday, when this woman was arraigned? "August 12, 2008".

Aafia Siddique. Woman Al Qaeda operative [alleged], captured in Afghan, brought to the U.S. This woman is a legal U.S. resident, with American born children that are U.S. citizens. A person educated at elite colleges, with a PhD in neuroscience.

"Siddique, who attended MIT as an undergraduate and earned her PhD in neuroscience at Brandeis"

"Aafia Siddique Had a List of Targets in New York & Chem-Bio Weapons Information in her Possession"

"When she was arrested in Afghanistan last month, Aafia Siddique allegedly had in her possession maps of New York, a list of potential targets that included the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the subway system and the animal disease center on Plum Island, detailed chemical, biological and radiological weapon information"

"she also had in her possession a one gigabyte digital media storage device - a thumb drive - whose contents included a large trail of emails that authorities are now poring over, sources said. Those e-mails, a source involved in the investigation said, are between 'what she described as 'units' and what we would call 'cells'.'"

"This is a major haul, a major capture for the FBI," said Kiriakou [ex-CIA counter-intelligence]. 'To find someone who has such rich information, computer hard drives, e-mails, that is really a major capture.'"

"US authorities are analyzing Siddique's saliva, hair, and fingernail scrapings to determine, if possible, what evidence they can find of any exposure to chemical, biological or radiological materials with potential use in weapons of mass destruction, sources said."

"the useful information from high value prisoners it has had in custody for as long as six years and has watched the stream of new intelligence go from a torrent to a trickle"

From a torrent to a trickle??!! That is not good. "Breaks" of this nature are vital, but are hard to come by?

"she had become something of a cause celebre among some human rights activists who believe she was 'disappeared' five years ago by the Pakistani government"

A couple comments here:

* When this woman appeared in the NYC courtroom, she was in a wheelchair and appeared to be in a bad way. All the result of a shoot-out when she grabbed the M4 carbine of an interrogator and tried to go down fighting, Siddique herself being shot?! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANY OF THESE JIHADI!! Even a woman!!

* Americans tend to think [?] that a person such as Siddique, having lived among Americans for an extended period of time,, being educated [very highly so too!] among Americans, having her children born here, would be favorably disposed toward the U.S. and make poor material for recruitment to Al Qaeda and the jihad movement! This is not so? Sometimes, rather the opposite?

We have not heard the last with this case?




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