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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gliders - - Again I

This is coolbert:

[please see my previous blog entry on the subject of military gliders.]

Here is an English chap who is thinking along the same lines as I am. At least with regard to military gliders. Resurrection of a concept [military gliders], that was thought be gone in the same manner as the Dodo!!

"Lord Gilbert, defence minister of state formally responsible for intelligence during the Kosovo War, told the House of Commons Select Committee on Defence on 20 June 2000 that gliders could have been used to land troops in Kosovo. Neither Lord Gilbert nor the other politicians present appeared to be aware that this would not have been feasible . . . gliders . . . are not used [have not been used] in combat operations. No troop-carrying gliders have been in British service since 1957"

Lord Gilbert said - - COULD HAVE BEEN USED. If they were available, COULD HAVE BEEN USED. Were not available, but if they had been in the inventory, COULD HAVE BEEN USED!!

Gliders DO HAVE distinct advantages"

"gliders could land troops in greater concentrations precisely at the target landing area. Furthermore, the glider, once released at some distance from the actual target, was effectively silent and difficult for the enemy to identify."

Consider this amazing statistic:

"Out of the 2,596 gliders dispatched for Operation Market [Garden], 2,239 gliders were effective in delivering men and equipment to their designated landing zones."

Gliders would not be needed in profuse numbers? Only a limited number for use by Special Operations troops?

Several dozens total would suffice for special operations combat missions? World War Two [WW2] style gliders [able to carry a platoon of troops with impedimenta], with modifications and improvements - - ready to go in short order. This can be a NOW if the factory plans from the WW2 era are dusted off, glider-pilot veterans and after-action reports consulted, and the will is there!

Lord Gilbert is on the money? So is Bert? A feasible idea that has merit? I think so!




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