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Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is coolbert:

Thanks here to KTB "Sharkhunters" from Harry:

The development by the German to fire rocket artillery from submarines came about as the result of:

"a conversation between Dr. Ernst Steinhoff, an engineer at the Penemunde rocket development facility, and his brother, Korvettenkapitan Fritz Steinhoff, Kommandant of U-511."

The ultimate fate of Fritz was grim. Indeed, very grim. Survived the war, taken prisoner but meeting a cruel fate at the hands of American interrogators. All in the AFTERMATH OF THE WAR!!

"U-511 and Steinhoff did this [fired rocket artillery from a submarine] in the Baltic as an experiment. His brother worked with Werner von Braun at the German rocket facility at Penem√ľnde. Maybe that is what led to his death at the hands of an American beating some weeks after the war [had ended]. Steinhoff surrendered his boat (U-873 at the end of the war) in Portsmouth, NH but unlike the other POWs, he was tied to a chair in his cell and beaten all night long. Maybe they thought he could tell them something about the German rocket program. Either way, he did not live out the night. The government [U.S.] came up with the story that he was so despondent that he smashed his eyeglasses and slashed his wrists with the glass. Problem there - if you wore eyeglasses, you didn't serve on the boats . . . Captain Johann-Heinrich Fehler, Skipper of U-234, was in the next cell and witnessed it all."

Again, this occurred after the war WAS OVER, Fritz following commands - - surrendering for what he thought was going to be honorable captivity.

Mistreatment of a German POW for no really good reason?

"I believe you, it is just that I don't want to believe you!!" - - Bert!!




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