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Monday, July 28, 2008


This is coolbert:

It is sometimes only during the rigors and exigencies of combat that deficiencies, faults, problems with weapons and weapons systems can be found? Weapons and weapons systems that work very well in development, testing, training, field exercises, etc., often exhibit serious flaws, unexpected and inherent failure and doing so ONLY during battle conditions! Much to the chagrin of everyone, often with fatal consequences to the user [pilot/infantryman/crew member].

Examples to include:

* The tendency of the Soviet MiG-15 jet engine to “cut-out” and shut down when in a steep, banking turn.

* The tendency of the American M-16 rifle as used in Vietnam to jam when firing with cartridges using a propellant mix for which the weapon was not designed.

* The tendency of the American M-16 rifle [early versions] as used in Vietnam to have the flash suppressor get “stuck” and “caught” on vines and vegetation.

* The tendency of the American M-48 tank, when hit in a certain specific spot from an anti-tank-guided-missile round [ATGM], to spew scalding hot hydraulic fluid throughout the crew compartment.

* The tendency of American World War Two [WW2] torpedoes failing to detonate when striking an enemy vessel.

* The tendency of American and British strategic bomber aircraft, attempting “pin-point” bombing from high-altitude, being almost totally unable to hit the target. [1000 bombs dropped on the Norsk Hydro facility, about ten hitting, negligible damage done!!]

* The extreme INACCURACY of the 73 mm gun as originally carried by the Soviet BMP combat vehicle.

A list could be made - - that would be endless??!! This specific list of mine has many entries for American weaponry. MANY foreign designed and manufactured weapons too are susceptible to “problems” as well. Discerned when used ONLY in combat! Be assured of it!!

Devoted readers to the blog can suggest further examples?



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