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Friday, July 25, 2008

What comes around goes around?

This is coolbert.

Thanks here to the Jerusalem Post.

"Hizbullah convoy likely hit in Iran"

"A mysterious explosion in a suburb of Teheran that killed 15 people last Saturday was likely an attack on a Iranian military convoy carrying arms to Hizbullah, the Telegraph reported Friday."

"Last Saturday's incident was the latest in a series of mysterious explosions in the Islamic republic.":

* "In May [2008], Iran blamed British and US agents for an explosion at a mosque in Shiraz that had just been the site of a military exhibition."

* "In 2007, more than a dozen Iranian engineers lost their lives while trying to fit a chemical warhead to a missile in Syria."

* "A few months earlier [2007], a train apparently carrying military supplies to
Syria was derailed by an explosion in northern Turkey."

This is not all coincidental? A variety of parties are involved here. Iran and in particular the Revolutionary Guards are finding they cannot always have it their way? A message is being sent?

This was more than a mere bang? A massive amount of ordnance was being transported, and being done so in a callous manner subject to sabotage?

If you want to play with fire, prepare to have your fingers burnt at some time or another!




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