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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Background check - - I.

This is coolbert:

The question has been asked: "Would Obama pass a security check for terrorist connections, and qualify to work as an airport screener?"

I suppose the best answer is - - it depends!

It comes as a surprise - - even in the aftermath of 9/11 and WTC - - that TSA baggage screeners, airport baggage handling clerks, persons whose role it is to clean airplanes on the tarmac, are now in the forefront of national defense!?

After 9/11, the whole world changed! Positions normally associated with entry-level, low-paying, dead-end jobs, are now [at least in the case of TSA screeners], federal employment. Still low-paying, entry-level work, but NOW, crucial and important to national security.

Positions and work requiring a background check and security clearance of SOME SORT! Homeland Security mandates this?

Could Senator Obama be hired as a TSA baggage screener? Again - - it depends!

Depends upon a variety of protocols, secret and otherwise, used as a normal part of the hiring process that may or may not exist. Protocols [some that are secret] that presumably might create a red flag in the case of the Senator! Red flags that would be an impediment to being hired as a TSA screener. Secret protocols, in particular, that might trigger a red flag would include [?]:

* Barack Hussein Obama. [Islamic name throws up a red flag?!]

* Foreign [Indonesian] residence during his formative years. [in an Islamic nation!]

* Drug use. Self-admitted, experimental in nature, but still ILLEGAL!

* An association with persons whose names appear in counter-intelligence files [Ayers & Dohrn], or is made apparent through data-mining.

Any of these protocols [assuming they exist] would create a flagging action? Combinations of them really setting off alarm bells all over the place?

Crucial to such protocols would be the extent and depth of the background investigation Normally, applications for federal employment require a detailed account of work history, residences, etc., for a period of ten years prior AND NO MORE? This is the same for the TSA baggage screener as well? Looking at a person’s background for ten years prior AND NO MORE is felt to be adequate by TSA standards?

Drug use, admitted, even of an experimental nature, as a teen, would AUTOMATICALLY PRECLUDE employment as a TSA baggage screener? I would question whether or not a hair sample for analysis is taken as part of the application process. A hair sample can reveal ALL AND ANY INSTANCES OF ILLEGAL DRUG USE!!

My intuitive sense in this matter is that Barack Obama would be qualified for a position such as TSA baggage screen. I would not rule out, however, that certain aspects of his life and background might very well raise questions. Questions that - - in the years after 9/11, MUST be raised!

“It depends - - it all depends!!” – Bert.




Blogger John S. Bolton said...

Very interesting and relevant, I have to keep checking back here more frequently.

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