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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot Intel Flash

This is coolbert:

Thanks here to Harry at KBT Sharkhunters:

"Our S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI is a radio intercept 'Spook' and sends this":

"'I have come across some very interesting monitorings of our radio group, which seem to point to a revival in the old Cold War . . . Initial analysis points to a jamming (from a Russian source) of various HF (Short Wave) frequencies used by the USAF for communications worldwide. As you know, the EAMs are passed via this link, although they doubtless have others.'"

EAM! Emergency action messages. USAF [United States Air Force] messages sent to SIOP units on 24 hour alert. Nuclear equipped units ready to go at a moments notice.

Military units operationally deployed as part of the Single Integrated Operational Plan [SIOP]. Primarily, in the case, of the USAF, the B-52 bomber force armed with a variety of nuclear weapons. On standby-alert. NOT a lot of bomber aircraft, but a sufficient number to do more than adequate damage to the opposition if necessary.

The Cold War is still not over? Has renewed with a vigor that was not felt to be possible not so long ago? Someone is jamming those frequencies used by the the U.S. nuclear capable force? Russians are to blame? NOT a good sign?




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