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Sunday, July 06, 2008


This is coolbert:

From my previous blog entry concerning the interrogation "methods" used in Gitmo as based upon what occurred to American POW's in Korea:

"What the trainers did not say, and may not have known, was that their chart had been copied verbatim from a 1957 Air Force [U.S.] study of Chinese communist techniques used during the Korean War to obtain confessions, many of them false, from American prisoners."

"Methods", as used by the communists in Korea to elicit confessions, many [if not most all of them] false.


"Methods" as used by the communists against American POW's in Korea that WENT FAR BEYOND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING AS COMMONLY UNDERSTOOD!!

Experimentation of a nature only usually associated with the German Nazi and Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz infamy!!

Here from the 1996 testimony before Congress by the Czech defector Senja:

"and their use for various communist nuclear, biological, chemical and mind-control drugs experiments"

"In brief, hundreds [American POW's] were used in Korea and in Vietnam as human guinea pigs."

"we [Czechs] received instructions from Moscow to build a military hospital in North Korea. The advertised purpose of the hospital was to treat military casualties. But this was only a cover, a deception. The Top Secret purpose of the hospital was to experiment on American and South Korean POWs."

"The POWs were used as bodies for training military doctors in field medicine --- for example treating serious wounds and conducting amputations."

"The POWs were used to test the effects of chemical and biological warfare agents and to test the effects of atomic radiation."

"The Soviets also used the American GIs to test the physiological and psychological endurance of American soldiers. They were also used to test various mind control drugs"

"The Americans and South Koreans were very important to the Soviet plans because they believed it was essential to understand the manner in which different drugs, and chemical and biological warfare agents, and radiation affected different races and people who had been brought up differently; for example on better diets."

"The Soviets also wanted to know whether there were differences in the abilities of soldiers from different countries to stand up to the stress of nuclear war and keep on fighting."

Many of those American POW's [not all of course, but many] were the cream of the crop, so to speak. The very elite of American youth, the fighter pilot. A person at the very peak of physical and mental perfection, highly trained and educated, chosen especially with aggressive performance in mind!!

I am sure Soviet intelligence and those doctors associated with same salivated with enjoyment at the opportunity to EXPERIMENT on American subjects who represented the elite within the American military and American society as a whole.

Find out to what extremes an American fighter pilot could be pushed before he "breaks"! Physical and psychological limits vary from culture to culture and nationality to nationality!!?? Experimentation on Americans taken POW in Korea allowed the Soviets to establish a baseline of experience that could be useful in case of a general war with the U.S. So must have been the thinking?

According to Senja, this sort of thing occurred in Vietnam and Laos also? I know that many POW from Laos [the undeclared bombing that went on all during the Vietnam War] WERE NEVER ACCOUNTED FOR IN ANY MANNER!! These persons too were subjected to experimentation of a hideous nature!!??




Blogger John S. Bolton said...

I read that the brainwashing in the narrow sense was to be ascertained as having been successful, if the subject when freed after having made published 'confessions', still refused to recant them.
Applying this to McCain, say: has he fully recanted his published statements made in captivity, and would he do so today if required to answer on all the particulars which once were published? If he would recant all the propaganda statements, then he is not successfully brainwashed in this strict meaning.

10:24 PM


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