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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stockdale II. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

Some devoted readers will be of course familiar with the theory, recently popularized, "Six degrees of separation"

"Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person he or she knows and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth."

Here are some other web sites that deal with the Six Degrees of Separation:

We are only six persons away from knowing every other person on the planet?

Seems far-fetched? Consider that the theory has been verified to a degree. With only few exceptions?

"It is still possible that more than 99% of the world's population are connected in this way"

That is - - pretty much - - EVERYONE!! For all practical purposes.

Here, just a week ago, is an interesting coincidence, call it perhaps a synchronicity, that seems to indicate that there a very strong degree of validity to this "theory" of degrees of separation.

"syn·chro·nic·i·ty - - Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality."

Only this last weekend, I attended a rally to demonstrate against the proposed closing of the state prison in Pontiac, Illinois. The largest employer in what is basically a farming community [Pontiac]. Without the prison four hundred or so folks will lose their jobs.

While standing in the crowd, waiting for our picture to be taken, pelted by rain, I am introduced by a mutual friend to the man standing next to me. A man standing next to me in a random and totally unexpected and unplanned manner. A somewhat now older gentleman who had been a Marine Corps aviation mechanic during his youthful days.


"In 1954, Stockdale was accepted into the Test Pilot School at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. It was there that he tutored John Glenn, at the time a young Marine aviator, in math and physics."

Here then is the interesting and unexpected connection between James Stockdale and myself. Bert - - David E. [the mutual friend] - - the man standing next to me in the crowd - - John Glenn - - James Stockdale!! Four degrees of separation between myself and the late James Stockdale.

And even beyond James Stockdale, Ross Perot of course, Presidential candidate in 1992 and 1996.

YES, it is a small world.




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