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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rocket Man!!

This is coolbert:

"Zero hour nine a.m.
And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight" - - "Rocket Man" - - Elton John!!

From the Chicago Tribune today:

Jet suit not just flight of fancy

“The twin-engine bird man suit . . . is just one of the futurist concepts emerging from the 19th Century brick workshops of inventor Daniel Preston, New York’s answer to James Bond’s gadget-dispensing Q.”

“Preston’s inventions - - from flying suits to flying cars - - actually work.”

Most famously [??], the EXO-Wing!!!

“EXO-Wing, a jet aircraft that you wear like a rigid winged backpack.”

A jump-suit with wings, helmet, and jet engines, two of them. YOU ACTUALLY FLY!!

“The EXO-Wing suit should be available commercially within the next 12 months" The person wearing the EXO-Wing jumps out of a plane, ignites the two engines to propel and then deploys parachutes to land. The suit also has tactical properties of interest to the military”

Preston, an avid skydiver, has developed a revolutionary material that makes such innovation possible. Science fiction is NOW!!

“Daniel Preston, founder and chief technical officer of Atair Aerospace, developed a new type of non-woven composite fabric by using extreme heat and pressure to bond high-strength fibers between layers of ultra thin polymer foil.”

“The basic building block for parachutes is polyamide rip stop nylon . . . nothing had changed in 60 years despite advances in material technology.

“Parachutes made from it opened more smoothly, he said, and it also turned out to be suitable for body armor”.

“’9/11, it definitely affected me.’ ‘This [NYC] is my home.’ He began to gravitate toward using innovative parachute technology to supply military needs and in 2001”

“Preston developed navigation systems that allow parachutes bearing supplies, vehicles or personnel to maneuver and land precisely, despite blinding weather conditions - - and also avoid potential dangerous road conditions.”

“One of the most futuristic products has developed is the Chimera tactical vehicle. . . . The two-seater car looks like an overgrown Mars rover. It can be parachuted from a plane and then driven away as a tactical ground vehicle with a ground speed of 59 m.p.h. Personnel on the ground can stuff the parachute into a backpack. Upon completion of the mission, they reattach the parachute to the vehicle; drive until the Chimera is airborne, with airspeed up to 30 knots.”

According to Suvorov:

"Army-General [Soviet] Margelov once said that 'an apparatus must be created that will eliminate the boundary between the earth and sky.' . . . a very light apparatus that would enable a soldier to flit like a dragon-fly from one leaf to another"

Thanks to Preston, his innovations and new technology, the barrier between man, ground, and sky has been broken once and for all!!??

A privately-owned company that might go public? Buy stock now if you can!

Al L.

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