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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This is coolbert:

See my previous blog entry on the FARC.

And then read:

"Colombia's Stunning Hostage Rescue"

All the experts are in agreement about this one. The highest of the high value hostages in the hands of the Colombian FARC have been rescued, and done in a manner worthy of Hollywood or James Bond.

This is really big. A loss for the FARC that only further indicates that the once hitherto invincible and seemingly all-powerful FARC guerrilla movement is now on-the-way-out, and moribund beyond redemption.

Let us hope so!!

"Among the 15 people liberated was the most high-profile FARC hostage of all, former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt — a French-Colombian whose six-year-long captivity had become a cause célèbre in Europe — as well as three American defense contractors who had been held for more than five years, one of the longest U.S. hostage ordeals ever"

Ingrid Betancourt in particular among the hostages was the highest of the high. A person who serious questions had been raised about. Her health was said to be on the point of rapid decline and it was feared she would not survive much longer. GOD bless what has happened!! How OFTEN can such be said?

The intelligence, security, and communications apparatus of the FARC is not only coming apart at the seams, but is being USED AGAINST THE JUNGLE OUTLAWS, AND BIG TIME TOO!!! YES??!!




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