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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mugabe vs. MDC.

This is coolbert:

"I am bringing a distant nation against you—
an ancient and enduring nation,
a people whose language you do not know,
whose speech you do not understand."

16 "Their quivers are like an open grave;
all of them are mighty warriors." - - Jeremiah 5:15

"No rest, peace for MDC members"

The MDC, Zimbabwean opposition to the despotic dictator Robert Mugabe, now find themselves under attack by foreign imports, military men now working for the villain-in-power!

"London - Mercenaries have joined so-called 'war veterans' and militiamen attacking opposition supporters in rural parts of Zimbabwe, human rights workers have confirmed."

"They are cutting out the tongue, removing eyes and genital parts"

"They are cruel and brutal" "Soldiers" who have been imported specifically because they are cruel and brutal, and have absolutely no familial ties to the people they are abusing!

"These men do not speak any local languages and are extremely violent."

Hard, violent, skull-crushing, take-no-prisoners foreign mercenaries being used to intimidate the local populace. Things in Zimbabwe were already bad enough. NOW from bad to worse!!??

Who are they?

* Hutus being used by Mugabe?
* South African?

"Well... we do not know"

Thanks here to Jan: AfricanCrisis Webmaster Date Posted: Thursday 17-Jul-2008

Ironically, it was in Zimbabwe [Rhodesia] that the Englishman Simon Mann, was apprehended and spent four years in a Zimbabwean prison WHILE ALLEGEDLY ON A MERCENARY MISSION TO EQUATORIAL GUINEA - - THE PURPOSE OF WHICH WAS TO MOUNT A COUP D'ETAT AGAINST ANOTHER AFRICAN DESPOT.

Mercenaries working for villains such as Mugabe - - good! Work against persons such as Mugabe - - bad!




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