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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Background check - - II.

This is coolbert:

I think that most folks would generally agree that the U.S. Border Patrol has ALWAYS played a role with regard to national security. Since 9/11 and WTC, a role that has become greatly enhanced, now of vital importance. A first line defense against terrorists hoping to infiltrate the U.S. and create mayhem in the homeland that we all hope to avoid.

Aggressive recruiting is currently being carried out by the Border Patrol agency. Applicants for the Border Patrol must now submit to a very intrusive background check as part of the hiring process.

"Border Patrol recruiting in new ways"

"an all-out effort mandated by Congress two years ago to nearly double the ranks to 20,000 officers by the end of 2009.

"About 3,400 agents shy of that goal, the agency has been recruiting at unconventional venues such as NASCAR races and professional bull-riding contests"

Persons interested in NASCAR and bull-riding are presumably out-doors, physical types that could handle themselves well in a rugged law enforcement situation. Some Border Patrol agents do their job from horse back. All agents have to have the ability to drive a vehicle with skill in difficult terrain and off-road!

"Nearly 293,000 people have applied for Border Patrol jobs since the hiring campaign was launched in June 2006, with about 1 in 30 applicants making the final cut, officials said.

Almost 300,000 applicants for 20,000 total positions, of which 3,400 slots have yet to be filled!"

"the agency's requirements include drug screenings and background checks that go back 10 years. New hires must prove they are U.S. citizens who have lived in the country for at least three consecutive years . . . Anyone found with a felony on their record or a conviction for domestic abuse is immediately cut."

"'This is the highest level of background investigation, and it is the investigation used as a basis for granting top secret clearance'"

Agents - - prospective hires, will now have to submit to an exhaustive background check to obtain a security clearance. Drug screenings, felony convictions, citizenship and/or legal status in the U.S., all this will be looked at.

The agency is obviously looking for high quality people, of demonstrable trustworthiness and integrity.

Dig this stuff however:

"the Border Patrol's national union accused the agency [the Border Patrol] of being too lax with background checks, citing two cases where new officers were later caught smuggling in guns and illegal immigrants. One of those agents turned out to be an illegal immigrant himself, the report said."

Among those recruited and actually working as active Border Patrol agents was a man who was HIMSELF AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!! THE BORDER PATROL WAS UNABLE TO DETECT THAT ONE OF THEIR OWN AGENTS WAS AN ILLEGAL!! Sounds a lot like Nadia Prouty, does it not??!!


"Moreover . . . the need to know conversational Spanish further weed out questionable candidates"

HAVE THOSE APPLICANTS BEEN TOLD IN ADVANCE THAT A KNOWLEDGE OF CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH IS A MUST!! This strikes me as a requirement that is way out of line. Agents do need to know a bare minimum of Spanish that is relevant to the job and that is all. Having applicants being rejected for not knowing CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH seems absurd!!




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