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Monday, September 01, 2008

The End!

This is coolbert: The End!!

Friends, devoted readers, comrades-in-arms!

This particular blog of mine, Military Thoughts, is coming to an end.

NOT an end, however, to blogging on my part.

I have already begun a new and better blog. This one entitled Military Analysis.

Same blogger, but new format, new template, what they call it, new gadgets, what they call them, etc.

Newer and hopefully better.

Please go and see for yourself. And also, add to your bookmarks or favorites!! A must!!

I do appreciate the many hits I did receive on the old blog and hope for many new as well on the new blog. Comments of course are greatly appreciated and always read. And also quite often the source for further blog entries.

This blogging venture has turned out far better than I had hoped for. And will continue to be so for the future as well.

Cheers everyone, and good blogging.




Anonymous Mymilitary said...

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7:06 AM


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