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Monday, December 03, 2007


This is coolbert:

Victor Suvorov is mistaken about Genghis Khan? To catch the Soviet defector and prolific writer [really prolific AND controversial!!!] on all things military - - Suvorov - - in an error - - is an accomplishment?

From Victor - - "Inside The Soviet Army":

"During a battle Jenghiz Khan would keep a close watch on the situation from a nearby hill. As soon as the slightest sign of success was visible at any point, he would concentrate all his forces there, sometimes even throwing in his own personal guard. having broken through the enemy's line at a single point he would push irresistibly ahead and the enemy's army, split in two, would disintegrate. it is worth recording that he never lost a battle in his [Jenghiz] life."

NOT So!! Twice Genghis was defeated.

[thanks here to Trevor Dupuy.]

"The first of Genghis Khan's two defeats took place in 1203, when he was still known as Temuchin, chief of the Borjigen, one of the several Mongolian tribes. This was at the hands of the Kerait Mongols under Toghrul Khan"

"[in 1213 - - the second defeat], Genghis Khan learned about a palace coup within the Chin capital. The eunuch general Hu Sha-hu had rebelled against Emperor Wei-wang, killed him, seized power, and installed another Chin prince on the throne. Learning about these events, Genghis Khan marched on the Chin capital in expectation of taking the city easily. Approaching Peking, while crossing a river, his army was ambushed and defeated by a larger Chinese army under General Hu Sha-hu."

Even an expert, such as Victor [Vladimir Rezun], can be wrong??



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