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Monday, December 03, 2007

Flag Officers.

This is coolbert:

Flag officers who:

Accidently was killed by his own men:

* Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

* “Mickey” Marcus. [Major General - - Israeli Army]

* Died in an auto accident:

* George S. Patton.

* Walton Walker.

Had their heads lopped off and put on a pole:

* Abd ar-Rahman. [Muslim commander at Tours. His full name was Abu Said Abdul Rahman ibn Abdullah ibn Bishr ibn Al Sarem Al 'Aki Al Ghafiqi.]

* “Chinese” Gordon.

* Ali Pasha [Turkish commander at Lepanto.]

Saw his command become a panicky, fleeing mob:

* Mc Dowell.

* Cadorna.

Victorious while suffering from infirmity:

* Lord Nelson.

* Hu Sha-hu. [Chinese eunuch general who defeated Genghis Khan.]

Served under Hitler - - was part Jewish: [this one could get me in trouble!]

* Milch.

* Rogge.

Rose from rank of private to General:

* Forrest.

* Enoch Powell. [not to be confused with Colin Powell.]

More categories and name can be added? Suggestions anyone?!




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