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Saturday, December 01, 2007


This is coolbert:

From the comments of Harry, KTB Sharkhunters [].

"China has recently taken delivery of her fourth SOVREMINNY Class destroyer and who knows how many KILO Class submarines from Russia"

The above incredible photograph shows a Russian Kilo class sub [enhanced version?] enroute to China for delivery.

Kilo class submarines. Diesel/electric powered. Once thought to be obsolescent, the diesel/electric submarine has enjoyed an amazing resurgence of popularity. NOT with the U.S. Navy, but with other militaries around the world - - YES!

Diesel/electric is the way to go in the future. Especially with air-independent-propulsion now feasible and ALREADY BEING USED!!??

The U.S. Navy [USN] is behind the curve on this one and needs to catch up and fast. Easier said than done!! The USN for decades now has thought ONLY nuke is the way to go, and that is that. Must now rethink existing policy and RIGHT NOW!!

The Kilo class was originally developed by the old Soviet Union at a time [1980's] when nuke powered subs were all the rage. Called originally Project 877 Paltus. An advanced version Kilo has also been developed and is sold for export. This is Project 636 Varshavyanka.

NOW being replaced by Russian Project 677 Лада. The Lada class submarine.

The latter [Lada], will have the capability for air-independent-propulsion as desired. Primarily a submarine for the international market. To be sold to navies throughout the world. However, as an export item, NOT necessarily equipped with the full range of submarine-launched cruise missiles available to the Russian Navy.

From appearances, the Lada and the Kilo before that used the tear-drop tuna fish shape hull that is the most hydrodynamic design for maximum underwater efficiency. Capable of higher speed [and pretty good speed at that] underwater than on the surface.

Again, we see a blast from the past. Previous technology, the diesel/electric submarine, making a marked comeback. Equipped with the latest technology, electronic "suites", and weaponry, having a capability far exceeding that of World War Two [WW2] submarines.

These latest versions diesel/electric submarines are the future of undersea warfare, and the future is NOW! Are "boss", as they say!!

U.S. Navy, wake up - - AND QUICK!!




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