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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Thanks to the Chicago Tribune, TODAY:

[with the exception of the headlines, my comments in BOLD!]

"In Texas, a full-bore hog war"

"Some landowners turn to hired guns in uphill run against feral pigs, a growing costly menace"

"Edom, Texas - - It was a cool Saturday night in East Texas. Covered in camouflage and carrying and AR-10 assault rifle, night-vision goggles, and enough ammo to outfit a small battalion, Joe Paddock was wading through weedy bottom-lands, eager to 'get up on some hogs'"

There is a photo of Joe accompanying the Tribune article. Appears that Joe would have fit in well at the Alamo. "Floppy" bush hat, camouflage athletic T-shirt, three AR-10's propped up in front of him. Each rifle having a gun light of the type has become so popular in Iraq. Light co-axially mounted with the barrel. Where ever that light points to is where the round will hit. Makes for a good shoot at night.

[the AR-10 fires the 7.62 mm NATO round. You need a good size caliber when engaging one of the wild hogs. These particular rifles have the collapsible stock.]

Feral pigs [tame domesticated pigs that have reverted to the wild state], are NOW a terrible problem in Texas. Other states as well, but most pronounced in Texas.

"nowhere are the pigs more populous than in Texas. It's home to about 2 million hogs, and growing."

A problem across the board, primarily for ranchers and farmers. Wild pigs of gargantuan size even invading urban areas.

"Mobs of ravenous porkers are munching crops and tearing up hay fields . . . also are eating the eggs of endangered sea turtles."

Read it all at the web site

This problem has been "growing" [pigs NEVER attain a full adult size? CAN grow to enormous size, food being available?] since the 1930's.

"it was not until the 1930's that Texas' real trouble started. That is when sportsmen began releasing Russian wild boars into the wild."

Joe Paddock is the proverbial Texan "good ole' boy" who relishes the hunt.

"hunting wild hogs is the ultimate blood sport: a battle of wits against an ugly, wise, and unpredictable foe"

"bringing down an angry , 300 pound boar takes bravery. Wounded hogs can turn vengeful. Men have been gored to death by their razor like tusks"

"Ain't nothing easy about trying to outsmart a pig"

AND, are smart. The pigs has been tested as being at least [?] as smart as a dog or cat, perhaps just slightly less intelligent for the most part. But wily, hard to approach, alert, and DANGEROUS!

At least equal in deadliness to some of the African big game animals [two African wart hogs can easily rout a grown leopard!]. A pack of these beasts represents a even worse danger.

"If you shoot at a hog, you'd better shoot straight, because if you don't kill it, he might try and kill you."

There is a market for the meat too.

"[hunters] earn thousands sating gourmet appetites for wild boar in the U.S. and Europe."

There is an open-season on the beasts. NOT LIKED or WANTED.

"Hunters can shoot as many as they want, anytime."


What you need here is to apply the adage, "lemons to lemonade". Take advantage of a bad situation.

Give realistic training to troops that need it. Special operations, Rangers, Special Forces, Navy SEAL, select Marine Corps units. Four or five man teams can "hunt" the wild pigs. Training as if you are on patrol for jihadi in Iraq or Afghanistan. You are not only after a wily and elusive creature, you are after an animal that CAN KILL YOU!! The element of danger is present. First-class training that would be the ultimate in preparation for combat. All other forms of training pale in comparison??!!

AND, the meat can be sold or eaten, gutting and quartering the dead boar accustoms those troops not used to blood and gore what they will actually experience on the battlefield, and those heads taken will look good on the wall of a mess hall when stuffed and mounted.

[persons of yesteryear were routinely butchering and preparing animals for consumption. Blood, gore, guts were NOT something "new" and disturbing. Was a normal part of farm life!]

To heighten the excitement, as I have said, the participants could even hunt with single shot black powder weapons. Further good training that instills the soldiery ethic of teamwork and reliance upon one another. YOU MISS OR ONLY WOUND WITH THAT SINGLE SHOT YOU FIRE, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE! WITHOUT YOUR BUDDIES OR OTHERS LENDING A HELPING HAND!! Once again - - good training!!

Any takers!!??




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