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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fabius VII. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:


“Israel must be 70 % Jewish to be considered a Jewish state” - - Yitzhak Rabin.

[my paraphrasing.]

And from the comments to the blog:

"Last, demographic trends point to increasing and inevitable weakness of Israel vs. the Palestinians." - - Fabius Maximus.

"Demography... the fact is that slowly Arabs became a minority in this country, and the trend continues... Jewish fertility in Israel is increasing while Arab is decreasing mightily and soon shall be like the Lebanese or Greek or Iranian, that is, negative. Palestinians are a Mediterranean population and the trend is negative, lead by Italians and Greeks. Demography is working for us.
I am very optimist about Israel and even Warren Buffet invests in Israel. We are here for the long term, forever, maybe." - - jaimito.

"d. Jaimito is dreaming about the demographics in and around Israel. Check the numbers (there were links in my article)." - - Fabius Maximus.

The demographics of the Israeli-Palestinian situation MUST be taken in a nuanced, subjective manner to be understood properly.

If you consider the state of Israel, as it existed within the confines of the pre-1967 borders, the demographics for a Jewish state look GOOD!

If you consider the state of Israel, to include the “occupied territories” of Judea and Samaria, the totality comprising a “Greater” Israel, the demographics favoring a Jewish state DO NOT look so promising.

That is considering existing demographics, RIGHT NOW!

Given the fact that the Palestinian people have the HIGHEST BIRTH RATE of any populace on the planet, the long term prospects for a “Greater” Israel that is predominantly [70 % or greater] Jewish is NOT good!

The Palestinians DO SEE demographic shift AS BEING a valid “weapon of war”. Time and numbers are on their side, so the perception is.

“it is not so much reality that counts, it is the perception of reality that counts!!” - - J. Jackson.

[consider Northern Ireland. In 1900, the Catholic population of the six counties comprising Northern Ireland was SMALL. In 100 years, given migration and greater birth rate, Catholics NOW are at least 50 % of the population! The DESPISED MINORITY HAS BECOME THE MAJORITY [or very close to it]!!]

Also consider the comments also of Trevor Dupuy:

"The land of the modern state of Israel . . . during antiquity the Jewish people were frequently the principal inhabitants . . . However, they were neither the first nor the sole inhabitants . . . the Jewish lands were often landlocked, with the coastal areas controlled by the earlier inhabitants: Philistine, Canaanites, and Phoenicians . . . . There were two anomalies in the plan [U.N. plan for the partition of the British Mandate] . . . [one of which was] even though Jewish claim to new national status in Palestine, the partition boundaries gave most of the territory which had been in those ancient states to the Arabs, and to the Jews most of what in ancient times had been non-Jewish."

To make clear, the ancient homeland of the Hebrew people was in the area we now call Judea/Samaria/West Bank of the Jordan/"occupied territories". The Canaanite and Philistine populations during that same ancient time lived primarily along the seacoast. TODAY, we see the Israeli Jews living primarily along the Mediterranean coast, the Palestinians inland. A reversal from what existed 3,000 years ago.




Blogger J. said...

You take fertility as a constant, I take it as a variable, and the trend favours Israel. Palestinians are a Mediterranean population, and they are undergoing a dramatic "demographic transition" with dropping birthrates. It is inevitable that they too will stop growing as earlier, the Lebanese, Turkish, Greek and other Mediterranean peoples did.

3:49 PM


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