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Saturday, November 17, 2007


This is coolbert:


From a comment to the blog:

"Fascinating stuff. If a torpedo can be created that can reach 200mph, why not an entire submarine? A few attack submarines that could go that fast could destroy an enemy navy very quickly or deposit troops/equipment on an enemy shoreline with noo warning."

This idea has been thought of. Some sort of power source must be required to get the vehicle to initial speed, then the rest is "duck soup"!

This could be done with an unmanned undersea vehicle [UUV]? I would think that is the way to go.

A jet sub was purportedly made some decades ago? Was evidently a hoax. But was thought of and research has been done.

"Josef Papp claimed in 1966 to have built an underwater propulsion system which took advantage of supercavitation to achieve incredibly high speeds. However this is generally regarded as a hoax, due to circumstances surrounding his claim."

"Papp, a Hungarian-Canadian engineer, claimed to have built a special high-speed submarine in his garage that was propelled by a special underwater jet engine. However, on his maiden voyage across the Atlantic he encountered a stability problem and the submarine sank."

Is right now the subject of resarch? Yes!?




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