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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Rising Sun??

This is coolbert:

Here is the latest intelligence from KTB "Sharkhunters" []

"A destroyer? One of Japan's newest acquisitions for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. Incorporates a AEGIS radar suite. Though it describes a full length flight deck, I would assume it has vertical missile tubes before and aft of superstructure. Offensive or defensive.....depends on your point of view, doesn't it since other paperwork says it has hangar space for 16 helicopters and once the VSTOL F-35 is operational, all the other Asian countries may start rumblings about Japanese militarism - something that has never left their minds since WW II."

Combat systems to include:

* AEGIS radar suite.

[remember, a "suite" is the radar plus all the electronics and computer systems that goes with it!! An ENTIRE system!]

* Full length flight deck. [with (an offset superstructure)]

* Vertical missile tubes? "VLS tubes - her MK 41 VLS not only gives her the capability to launch standard air defense missiles, but also TOMAHAWK cruise missiles"

* Can accommodate sixteen helicoptes.

* Appropriate for STOVL F-35?

Described as a Japanese destroyer-helicopter ship. But MUCH more than that!!??





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