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Friday, November 09, 2007


This is coolbert.

From the Chicago Tribune today, those stories that have a military dimension to them.

“U.S. mulls ‘what if’ on Pakistan”

Well, of course. The two worst-case scenarios are if either Saudi Arabia or Pakistan goes under. Fall under the control of Islamic fundamentalists of the Al Qaeda persuasion.

Pakistan ALREADY has forty to sixty nuclear weapons and the facilities for making more. AND UNDOUBTEDLY A LOT of nuclear radioactive debris from the processing of bomb material lying around! AND delivery systems too. Missiles and jet aircraft. A formidable apparatus for nuclear warfare in an UNSTABLE NATION!

[radioactive material useful for making a “dirty bomb”!]

India and Israel too have to be watching the situation in Pakistan right now, as we speak!!

“[Pakistan] does not use the electronic systems that require the input of access codes to arm warheads, but its weapons are stored disassembled, with key components kept in separate, secure vaults.”

Modular construction of an atomic bomb? Parts can be assembled quickly or in a crisis if needed? NO ONE bomb ready to go in an instant? A lot questions here!

Is there a plan on the part of "someone" to seize the Pakistani nuclear warheads in case of a total meltdown? Combined special operations forces of many concerned nations!!?? Acting in concert, preventing their use EVER! Maybe destroying in situ!

"in si·tu

in the natural or original position" [on site].

“Veterans, loved ones help Vietnam wall Speak”

“The reading of all 58,256 names marks D.C. monument’s 25th anniversary”

I DO recall very well the enormous brouhaha that was created when the initial design for the Vietnam War memorial was unveiled. Was felt by many to be a slap-in-the-face to veterans of that era. This has turned out NOT to be the case? I have visited the memorial on one occasion and DO NOT think there is anything shameful in any manner about the monument. The memorial has turned out to be A POPULAR TOURIST DESTINATION??!!


“Sniper Cleared”

“A U.S. Army sniper was cleared of murder charges Thursday in a case that drew attention to allegations of a classified military program that allowed American sharpshooters to target people who had gone to pick up planted weapons materials”

WHAT IS THIS? Weapons material [not fully defined!] is planted by U.S. troops, under the watch of a hidden American sniper. Anyone moving to pick up the “material” is legal “game” and can be shot!!?? I had not heard of such a thing! Does not seem to be totally “kosher”.



“Gates [U.S. Secretary of Defense] warns of nuke potential”

“Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Friday that Japan and its neighbors must do more to contrffont security problems in Asia . . . . Gates used the university [Sophia] speech to caution the Japanese to be mindful that unrest in the Middle East could reach their shores too.”


“Dead soldier dragged through the streets”

“MOGADISHU” - - The body of an Ethiopian soldier killed in clashes Thursday between troops and Islamic insurgents was dragged through the streets and pelted with stones in the Somali capital.”

What does that remind you of?? Blackhawk Down!! NOT an American Ranger this time. This time an Ethiopian soldier whose body is defiled. Mogadishu is now more or less destroyed, uninhabitable. Will become a ghost town to be dug up 2,000 years hence by archaeologists? The Somali people just do not seem to get along well with anyone,. Whether it is Pakistanis, Americans, Ethiopians, or Sir Richard Francis Burton [sword or spear through the cheek in the nineteenth century!!].


“Nation thanks U.S. for help with pirates”

“SEOUL - - North Korea expressed rare gratitude Thursday for the U.S. Navy’s help in ending a high-seas standoff with Somali pirates . . . . The U.S. Navy came to the aid of the North Korean cargo ship Dai Hong Dan, whose crew overpowered Somali pirates in a bloody battle.

A bloody battle with Somali pirates! THE NORTH KOREANS ARE GLAD TO SEE THE AMERICAN NAVY!!!??? Who would believe it!! Just like I said, those Somali just cannot get along with anyone. North Korean merchant vessel, rounding the Horn of Africa, attacked? Crew able to repulse the pirates after a battle! Using tae kwon do perhaps? AND, was that American naval vessel shadowing the North Korean ship for some reason? Close by NOT just through coincidence?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: US Navy helps wounded Norks

For as much trouble as NK has caused the US (and plenty of other nations) the US Navy did the right thing. Why have a bunch of average sailors suffer who probably have it pretty tough to begin with for what their leaders have done anyway? No reason to not help in my opinion. For all the bad press the military gets for no reason at all, here is just another example of what kind of people we have in the armed services. They are better men than me.

3:13 PM


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