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Monday, November 05, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is a very interesting article by the British military historian, Adrian Goldsworthy.

Caesar: Diplomacy and power

What would Caesar have done in Iraq? Adrian has thought this through very carefully and HAS made some good points.

Caesar, militarily, when he had to be, was brutal, even very cruel and sadistic.

But also used diplomacy when necessary.

And was able to operate in a manner that a modern general officer COULD NOT DO!!

"Caesar was effectively a free agent because there was no way that the Senate could have directed events from Rome when messages took weeks to reach Gaul. He also combined supreme civil and military power in his office as proconsul, so that he both devised and implemented political and military strategy. There was a single mind and purpose behind Roman policy in Gaul."

Right! Exactly! Combined the powers of civil, political, and military all in one person, who operated more or less independently, at his discretion.

Was able to "persuade", for instance, German tribesmen NOT to take advantage of a situation. Did so with positive inducement, a large chest of gold coins. What we would call bribery today. But then he was in charge and was of a single mind and DETERMINED!!




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