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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Corner Shot III. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

During World War Two [WW2], both the Germans and Americans developed "corner shot" type attachments for existing personal weapons. Allowed for, "buttoned armored vehicle crew to have advantage against assaulting . . . infantry."

A tank is "rushed" by enemy infantry using "swarm tactics". Men-a-foot closing on a tank at close-quarters, attempting to destroy the tank using flame weapons, satchel charges, "sticky bombs".

[in cases where tanks were unaccompanied by infantry!!]

The tank crew must repel the attack. Open the hatch, fire from inside the tank, WITHOUT EXPOSING YOURSELF, USING A "CORNER SHOT" ATTACHMENT!!

Such a "corner shot" attachment was developed for the famous German MP-44 assault rifle. Sturmgewehr 44. An attachment referred to as a Krummlauf.

"One unusual addition to the design was the Krummlauf, a bent-barrel attachment for rifles with a periscope sighting device for shooting around corners from a safe position."

* "Curved barrel attachment, Gebogener Lauf J/Krummlauf. Apparently strange device for shooting around the corners without exposing the shooter, but actually ingenious design for buttoned armored vehicle crew to have advantage against assaulting Soviet infantry."

"The idea of the Krummlauf Attachment was to allow the MP-44 to fire around corners. It was basically a curved barrel extension with an attached mirror. There were 3 variants of the Krummlauf: the MP-44(P) curved 30 degrees, the MP-44(K) curved 90 degrees, and the MP-44(V) curved 40 degrees. Only the MP-44(P) was mass-produced, with about 10,000 examples being made. The Krummlauf has perforations that slow the bullet to allow it to make the turn"

The American M3A1 "grease gun" of WW2 fame also was issued with a "corner shot" attachment. Carried as the personal weapon of a tank crew member. Shoot the bad guys when they swarm your tank, without exposing yourself!!

"The weapon's compact size makes it ideal for use inside tanks, and it remains an issue weapon even today"

[was issued to tank crews during the Gulf War One!!?? The "grease gun" is STILL being used by Filipino Marines right now, as we speak. Equipped with modern sights, IT IS a formidable and effective weapons!! "Bad-assed", as they say!!]

"During WWII, the US Army issued, in limited numbers, an attachment for the M3 & M3A1 Submachine guns (Grease Guns) that was designed to enable tankers to fire through an open hatch. It was nothing more than a large curved trough that deflected bullets 90º . . . but accuracy was strictly spray & pray."

I cannot find anywhere on the web a picture of the attachment for the M3A1 that allowed for "corner shots". Anyone got a source??



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