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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grenades Anyone??!!

This is coolbert:

While surfing the web for material on Gallipoli and the periscope rifle, came across this incredible stuff.

"A feature of the fighting at Quinn’s [Quinn's Post. A location held by the Australian troops during the Gallipoli campaign!] was the bombing [grenade throwing exchanges between adversaries in closely adjacent trenches]. In the early days the advantage here lay with the Turks as the Anzacs possessed no grenades while the Turks had a seemingly endless supply of cricket-ball shaped bombs . . . If a man was quick enough, Turkish bombs [grenades] could also be picked up and thrown back. The Turks, however, soon began cutting their fuses shorter and one Australian had his hand blown off before it was realised what was happening. Another method of dealing with the bombs was to throw a thick overcoat over them to stifle the explosion or, if you had real grit, fall upon the bomb with a half-full sandbag."

Right! Infantrymen are taught in AIT that if an enemy grenade lands in their midst, try to pick it up and throw it back before it detonates!! Is that still SOP?? As for throwing a heavy overcoat over the grenade or falling on the grenade with a sandbag, well, the current hand grenades are too powerful for those methods to be effective??




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestin about how the Australians would cover the grenades with a coat or sandbag. Years ago in ROTC, we were taught that when checking bodies that were booby-trapped for with grenades, one would slightly lift the body over on its side and take a peek. If there was a grenade, you would then drop the corpse and fall on the back. The grenade may detonate, but the corpse would absorb the explosion. Luckily, I have never had to give this a try!
Whi knows, maybe it would work. After watching movies and TV for years, I had always thought that a exploding grenade was nothing short of a massive bomb going off. When I was in training with grenades, I have to admit I was rather disappointed with the actual explosion of the fragmentation grenade.

12:21 PM

Blogger David said...

Today's average hand grenade has I believe an effective kill zone of
-5m (chunky beef/pink mist)
Your ass is dead.

-10m (shrapnel will hit you) Better start praying to your respective deity if you live through the blast.

-15m (might be safe-ish)
That's pretty far for shrapnel to travel if it has people and objects to go through, hope you have your lucky penny on you.

-Tossing a coat on it today
Bad idea, it will tear it up and kill you.

-Sand bag with you on it
Even worse, your just going to end up with a gut full of shrapnel and die gruesomely.

-Tossing it back
Well the only other option is to sit there and take it, so I do believe that if you are close enough, toss the thing away from you and your allies, if you JUST SO HAPPEN to nail the guy who tossed it at you well then brownie points for you.

7:34 PM


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