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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Pain Ray!!

This is coolbert.

"I Was a Pain Ray Guinea Pig"

"By Sharon Weinberger"

[Sharon Weinberger is a reporter that has written a number of articles on strange or esoteric projects and weapons the military is working on. Cold fusion, teleportation, etc.]

"But today, the military offered the second opportunity ever for reporters to be blasted by the Active Denial System, a millimeter wave beam weapon designed to heat up the very tippy top layer of skin."

[some sort of a device to bombard folks with radar-like radiation. As if you were put into a big micro-wave oven!!]

"In the briefings leading up to the test, Susan LeVine, of the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate, told us that ADS felt like being burned by a hairdryer at the hairdresser (women will understand this one better than men)."

"Colonel Kirk Hymes, head of the Directorate, described it like the heat on your face when you open the oven to baste a Thanksgiving Turkey (I guess that's a guy thing, because women don't stick their heads in the oven when they baste a turkey)."

This article has a number of links that deal with the "Pain Ray". NON-LETHAL weaponry to be used primarily for crowd control or in a riot situation. An alternative to gas, clubs, dogs, etc. Make it hurt - - cause people to disperse, break up crowds of unruly folks without INJURING them!!

Keep in mind that those "non-lethal" weapons work good against normal healthy people. CAN INJURE permanently persons such as the infirm, elderly, young. NOT totally 100 % effective as envisioned. But, then, what is??

This thought also occurred to me while writing and editing this particular blog. Osama bin Laden or any other of your average-everyday-jihadis, reading about the "pain ray", will only have their hate and contempt for the American military made worse. The thought would be, "what sort of military wants to make weapons that do not kill people???!!!"




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