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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fabius V.

This is coolbert:

"not all your reader[s] might know that Col Carlson was the key force creating the WWII Marine Raiders. An opinion deserving attention!" - - [Fabius]

Here are my various blog entries on the U.S. Marine officer Evans Carlson.

A very talented, successful, AND CONTROVERSIAL Marine officer, both in the years prior to and during World War Two [WW2].

A man who was a confidant of President Franklin Roosevelt and sent on fact-finding missions to China during the 1930's.

Had his own personal hot-line to the President via Eleanor Roosevelt and her son James!!

"In 1933 Carlson had commanded the Marine Detachment at the White House where he formed a close friendship with both Franklin D. Roosevelt and his son James Roosevelt . . . Carlson [1941] still had the President's ear as well as FDR's son James Roosevelt who was now a Marine Captain was his friend and protégé."

[I do not think such a relationship would be ALLOWED today!!??]

Died a premature death, presumably as a result of battle stress from combat in the Pacific theatre.

"I am sure that Carlson died a premature death from the rigors of the Guadalcanal campaign. Heart attack the result of exhaustion, weight loss, malaria. It all adds up." - - [Bert]



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