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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bugi Men II.

This is coolbert:

Bugi. A sea-faring culture of the Banda Sea. Noted sailors AND pirates. Feared for their attacks on "western" vessels carrying spices and other valuable goods. The Bugi man is the "boogeyman".

NOT persons of formidable physical stature. But fearless in battle. Much like the Moro of the Philippines in that regard!

"The Bugis are the most numerous of the three major linguistic and ethnic groups of South Sulawesi, the southwestern province of Sulawesi, Indonesia's third largest island"

"Respected as traders and sailors, and feared occasionally as adventurers and pirates"

NO! NOT just occasionally. By their own words, the Bugis WERE pirates and were very good at it too! NOT above attacking "European" vessels heavily laden with spices of all variety. Rich prizes for the Bugi and worth the risk! Sailed as far west as Singapore and as far north as the Philippines. AND as far east as the northern territories of the Australian land-mass! Followed the prevailing seasonal winds.

"the Bugis built elegant, ocean-going schooners in which they plied the trade routes . . . they travelled . . . to northern Australia, where they exchanged shells, birds'-nests and mother-of-pearl for knives and salt with Aboriginal tribes . . . The Bugis sailors left their mark and culture on an area of the northern Australian coast which stretches over two thousand kilometers from the Kimberley to the Gulf of Carpentaria . . . Each year, the Bugis sailors would sail down on the northwestern monsoon . . . They would stay in Australian waters for several months to trade . . . before returning . . . on the dry season off shore winds"

As far west as Singapore, and as far north as the Philippines. AND to Australia too. There has been a movement of people, historically, from the Indonesian archipelago to the northern reaches of Australia. For trade in "shells, birds'-nests and mother-of-pearl for knives and salt" originally. NOW, the trade is in drugs and persons [illegal migrants]!




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