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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sky Net calling!

This is coolbert:

"Flight of the Extreme UAVs, From Smallest to Deadliest"

Here is a multi-media [??] presentation from Wired News. Extremes of American military unmanned aerial vehicles [UAV] currently operational. Smallest to largest and deadliest!

Some of that stuff DOES look strange. NOT meant to be anything but that. Appearance is not critical with the UAV.

"The German-made Microdrone is equipped with GPS, a camera and a loud-hailer to give instructions to those on the ground, and is currently being tested by police in the UK."

"The Killer Bee is part UAV, part missile. It's intended to be deployed in 'constellations' of many vehicles working cooperatively. These swarms can be used for either reconnaissance or for attack with up to 30 pounds of weapons per drone."

The Killer Bee uses what is called swarm technology? Autonomous robots that can interact with one another, communicate, map a strategy for the "swarm" so a mulitiple number of robots can act in concert!

I have said it before. MY suggestion to persons just receiving a brand new degree in aeronautical engineering is to find a company that is developing/experimenting with/researching UAV. Cutting edge stuff with no real limit in sight.




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