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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jesse Who??

This is coolbert:

See here the wiki entry for Jesse Macbeth. Enough to turn your stomach and then some.

"Macbeth's form DD-214, 'Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty' record shows he entered U.S. Army service May 1, 2003 and separated from the Army June 13, 2003, without completing basic training, and with no authorization for decorations, medals, badges, citations or campaign ribbons."

This "man" is just a plain old ordinary bad guy that even beats his girlfriend.

"May 23, 2006, Pierce County, Washington Superior Court issues a bench warrant for Jesse Adam Macbeth. Underlying charges of violating a protective court order and fourth degree assault."

There is something else that concerns me about Jesse. His given name at birth is "Jesse Adam Al-Zaid" Al-Zaid!! A Muslim name. Jesse had the name changed [his parents did?] to Macbeth as of 1986 [Jesse is purportedly born in 1984 - - his parent changed the name??!!].

Al-Zaid!! Alarm bells going off in my head!! Has someone reached this guy BEFORE he joined the Army?? Was he a sent agent who was such a malcontent he could not even complete basic training? Is he a Muslim reaching back to his "heritage"?

I hope Homeland Security is doing more than a cursory check on this bad guy. At least I hope so.




Blogger John S. Bolton said...

It is at least reassuring that the military washed him out in a few weeks. From his looks one might guess he comes from some prison Islamic persons of color, to be polite or perhaps not so polite. The arabic name probably means a claim to be a descendant of the prophet Mohamed. The fraudulence and fantasy prestige-seeking was probably his mother's milk.

9:19 PM


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