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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Canadian Rangers.

This is coolbert:

Here was a new one on me. The Canadian Rangers.

NOT a hockey team. Irregulars, part of the Canadian Forces reserve structure. Quasi-military units that patrol the Canadian far north territories. Areas within the sovereign territory of Canada, but sparsely populated!

[Nunavut, Northwest Territories, the islands of the Arctic Ocean!]

Have been around for decades. Are going to see their role change as climate change occurs and the arctic regions become more hospitable to man?

"There are currently 4,000 Canadian Rangers serving in five Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups (CRPG) in 165 communities, and they are expected to reach a strength of 4,800 by 2008."

Comprised mainly of Inuit people, but NOT exclusively so. What used to be called Eskimo are now called Inuit. The term "eskimo" considered to be pejorative? Means "eaters of raw meat". Personally I do not think by my own standards Eskimo is defamatory, but Inuit it shall be!

Perform a number of function important to the Canadian military and government.

* Patrol the northern regions of Canada. A quasi-military force conducting surveillance on foot, by kayak, and snowmobile. Use means of transport according to the time of year and the weather.

"conduct surveillance [patrols]"

* Service remote, automated military surveillance equipment.

" conduct inspections of the North Warning System (NWS) sites [what used to be called the DEW Line]."

* Show the flag. What is called "sovereignty patrols (SOV PATS)".

Those Inuit are ideally suited for the task as irregulars. Know the terrain, climate, how to live off the land if necessary, etc. As for the red uniforms, hats, vests, etc., that is to BE SEEN. YOU WANT THESE FOLKS TO BE SEEN FOR THE SOV-PATS!! Not to operate surreptitiously, but rather the opposite!

"Each Canadian Ranger is issued a red Ranger sweatshirt, armband, baseball cap, and a safety vest"

Those northern regions that are part of Canada will become a hot topic as climate change [global warming] occurs. Areas rich in minerals, oil [?] and access for ocean-going vessels will be coveted. Canada must maintain a known presence to retain ownership on these territories?

Canadian Rangers will play a role here?




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