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Thursday, September 27, 2007

DJ Dave.

This is coolbert:

"Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come Forward"

Here is one about Vietnam I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE!! And believe me, I have heard a lot of them!

GI pirate radio. Vietnam style.

GI's, Air Force in this instance, running an unauthorized pirate radio operation, entertainment of a risque' and controversial nature being the objective!!

"The story of Dave Rabbit has circulated for years with few facts and much speculation. Rabbit was serving in the Air Force during U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He started a short-lived, Pirate Radio station that became legendary. Not much could be verified - until now."

Listen hear to actual tapes of the broadcasts, "Radio First Termer 69"

Like I said, this was a new one on me.

I wonder if the communist radio monitors listened in with interest? I am sure they were dumbfounded and puzzled as to what was going on here. Black/grey/white propaganda? A clever Yankee trick of some sort? This cannot be for real? Is it?



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