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Monday, September 24, 2007

A la baionnette! IV.

This is coolbert:

Here is another martial art, Russian All-Round Fighting, that to this day, has bayonet fighting [sport and combat forms] taught as an integral part of the eight disciplines that comprise RAF.

"Bayonet Fighting"

"In RAF we actively practice Sport and Combat versions of the Bayonet Fighting. The model of a rifle [NOT a real working rifle.] with an attached bayonet is used."

"In the Sport version only thrusts are allowed. In the Combat version thrusts are combined with the blows with the rifle butt, kicks and punches."

"Bayonet fencing had been widely practiced as the Russian variant of sport fencing till the middle of the 20th century. Bayonet fencing was a required part of military training for the Russian army soldier."

"We build our Bayonet fighting technique on the Soviet Army study materials that were issued in the early 1940s, and on the 19th century Russian Army manuals."

Am I correct, that bayonet and stick fighting, taught as separate disciplines, are closely related? Stick fighting, with a baton or a cane, resembles in many respects the same techniques that would be used with the bayonet?

Here also is another description of a Russian marital art form. ROSS. Distinct from RAF? Included in one of the eight schools of direction you will find:

"4. Bayonet Fencing with Carbines"

Bayonet fencing can be done with either an AK or an SKS? In the photo it appears the two men wearing Russian style camo uniforms are wielding AK with bayonet attached.




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