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Monday, September 17, 2007


This is coolbert:

If the Israeli Sayeret Shaldag indeed has provided terminal guidance for weapons delivery against those underground bunkers in Syria, it may not only be terminal guidance for laser guided bombs alone.

JDAM is in the hands of the Israeli? Or a similar such Israeli home-grown system?

JDAM! Conventional aerial-dropped munitions with a strap-on GPS guidance system.

GPS that can be greatly enhanced for military purposes. Enhanced by the activities of a military unit such as Sayeret Shaldag.

My understanding of GPS is that there are different levels of sophistication for determining accuracy of position on the ground. Civilian-grade GPS receivers provide accuracy to within TENS OF METERS! Conventional military-grade GPS receivers provide accuracy to within METERS!!

And there is even GPS coordinate accuracy beyond that?! Accuracy obtained that can be measured down to CENTIMETERS!!?? Accuracy THAT CAN BE OBTAINED IN PART FROM A RADIO TRANSMITTER LOCATED ON THE GROUND AT A SURVEYED POSITION!!

A JDAM munition is guided to the target to within centimeters, utilizing signals received simultaneously from satellites in orbit AND THE SURVEYED, CAREFULLY POSITIONED TRANSMITTER ON THE GROUND!!

Placing that radio transmitter in position and determining the exact surveyed coordinates AND DOING SO IN A CLANDESTINE MANNER would be the work of a unit such as Sayeret Shaldag.

Did this occur in the Syrian raid? I cannot say. Laser terminal guidance was adequate? Could enhanced GPS been used? Perhaps!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe one or two of these handy little items:

and GPS were what did the trick in Syria. I can only speculate that the Israelis took the "belt and suspenders" route to make sure the job got done. Maybe they had people in the facility making doubly sure that the place was busted up beyond repair and to grab any paperwork(and people?) lying around. I sure as hell would have.

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