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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tomahawk I.

This is coolbert:

Hatchet man - - n. Slang. 2. One assigned to carry out a ruthless task in a vicious or unscrupulous order [manner??].

Hatchet job - - n. Slang. - - A crude or ruthless effort usually ending in destruction.

Tomahawk - - n. - - weapon consisting of a fighting ax; used by North American Indians.

Hatchets [tomahawks], have been a part of the American military experience ever since the earliest days of the English colonial experiment.

A hatchet would have been an integral part of the kit carried by a “ranger” from American Colonial times. The original “ranger” was a woodsman hired as a professional full-time “soldier” whose task was to “RANGE” the length and breadth of the colonial New England countryside, attempting to “cut-sign”. Watching for visible signs of hostile American Indian war parties, mostly moving south from French Canada, conducting raids against English settlements [a raid such as occurred at Deerfield, MA.].

Hatchets would have also been carried by the troops of the Rogers’ Rangers unit. An entire unit of woodsmen who had “ranger” experience. Fought in the French and Indian War as irregulars, carrying out guerrilla raids into enemy territory and scouting for the regular troops of the British Army.

[Robert Rogers was a Tory and sympathetic to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War. Could have attained high rank if he had joined the revolutionary forces, but he did not do so!!]

Tomahawks and the use of same are mentioned in the “Leatherstocking” novels of James Fennimore Cooper. The American Indian warrior Magua is described as fighting with a knife in one hand, a tomahawk in the other. In the recent movie, “Sleepy Hollow”, the “headless horseman” is shown engaging in close quarters combat with a sword in one hand, a tomahawk in the other.

The modern tomahawk is a valid and very lethal weapon of war. Can be used as a conventional tool or in combat to cleave the head of an enemy open right down the center. The modern version of the American tomahawk also has a spike on one end that CAN PENETRATE A METAL HELMET!!

[in this regard, the modern American tomahawk is similar to the war hammer carried by Polish lancers of the 1600’s. Spike at one end of the hammer had the capability to penetrate armor as worn by cavalry of the era. This was a war weapon particular to the Polish lancer!!]


"GI TOMAHAWK; now here was a weapon that Rogers' Rangers would have been at home with. OD wooden handle, and black or OD blade, with hatchet blade on the front, and a helmet piercing spike on the rear. Web carrier fitted around the head and attached to the web belt."

Is currently being carried and used by American troops in Afghanistan? There is a NSN [National Stock Number] for this item in the military inventory!

"Born on the American frontier, refined in Vietnam, and perfected during the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, the NEW LaGana Tactical Tomahawk sets the highest standard of performance among compact, lightweight axes."

"this Tomahawk will be issued to combat soldiers in the US Military under the National Stock Number 4210-01-518-7244."

During the Vietnam War, certain elite units WERE designated as “Hatchet Companies”. The term is somewhat misleading except to the initiated. Were 100 man EXPLOITATION units of Nung mercenaries commanded by U.S. Special Forces troops used in a reaction role, attacking targets that had been located by SOG [Studies and Observation Group] reconnaissance parties [also comprised of Nung troops.]. NOT troops carrying hatchets into battle! The term “hatchet company” is figurative, not literal!

The carrying of an “unusual” weapon such as a tomahawk quite often signifies an ELITE unit. According to Suvorov, Soviet Spetsnaz troops for instance, COULD CARRY A WHIP UPON THEIR PERSON IF THEY WERE PROFICIENT WITH SAME!! An entire company of American airborne troops carrying tomahawks would also be classified as an elite unit. A unit noted for closing with the enemy and killing with edged weapons in close quarters combat!!

"The leather-plaited whip several metres long is a weapon only rarely met with in spetsnaz. But if a solder (usually a Kalmik, a Mongolian, or a gypsy) shows that he can hadle the weapon with real skill he is allowed to carry a whip with him as a weapon."

[Kalmucks [various spellings exist] are A BUDDHIST ASIAN PEOPLE LIVING IN THE VICINITY OF THE CASPIAN SEA!! The ONLY Oriental, Buddhist people to have made a home in Europe!!]

War tomahawk. Maybe one of those will end up buried in the skull of Osama someday. Good place for one!



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