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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Invasion USA VII - - Plantation.

This is coolbert:

Plantation Warfare.

The invasion and occupation of large portions of American national forests and parks by the armed gangs of the Latin American drug cartels is another recent, very disturbing, and alarming phenomenon.

Within the boundaries of the U.S., on American sovereign territory, there now exist a myriad number of plantations devoted to the growing of marijuana [cannabis].

Cannabis of the highest quality, being grown by foreign invaders, for internal American consumption. Rather than smuggling the cannabis into the U.S., a foreign power [drug-narcoticos], hostile to the U.S., has invaded and occupied American territory, and done so on a massive scale. Doing so for nefarious purposes.

Plantations, located in some of the remotest areas of the U.S., devoted to growing cannabis of the most potent hybrid variety. Industrialized, mass production operations, done on a commercial farming basis. Plantations utilizing:

* Hybrid varieties of cannabis.

* Fertilizers.

* Drip-irrigation systems.

* Pesticides and herbicides.

Plantations the crop of which is carefully nurtured and tended, guarded in an assiduous manner by armed caretakers, normally illegal aliens in the pay of the drug-narcoticos, persons quite willing to use lethal force to guard the crop!

Plantations using elaborate and sophisticated surveillance and anti-surveillance equipment. To include military style camouflage netting and quite often an intricate pulley and rope system. The latter used for hoisting potted cannabis plants to tree top levels, avoiding aerial detection!!

Wherever the weather is conducive to the growing of cannabis, these plantations can be found! Even in the suburbs of the Chicago area!!

Read here about a Georgia couple that evidently encountered such a plantation while backpacking! Those folks were lucky to emerge alive from their “encounter”. While hiking, stumbling across a cannabis plantation of the drug-narcoticos could be highly hazardous to your health! You will be “offed” without a tear being shed!

[I am aware that marijuana plantations of this sort have been grown in American national forests and parks for many decades now by small time operators [Ma & Pa]. The value of the “crop” from this type of illegal enterprise is quite often many times the value of legitimate and traditional crops grown by local farmers. What the drug-narcoticos have done is raise the bar magnitudes higher, with the industrialized, mass production process and the WILLINGNESS TO USE LETHAL FORCE WHEN NECESSARY!! The scale of the villainy far exceeds what existed in the past!!]

Combating these proliferating plantations is no easy matter. Once again, DEA, military, local law enforcement are behind the learning curve? Just finding the plantations is difficult enough. An assault on the concealed and heavily guard “cash crop” requires a force using AIR ASSAULT style techniques [primarily rappelling from Blackhawk helicopters]. “Troops”, DEA, military, local law enforcement, wearing BDU, goggles, body armor, carrying assault weapons, are needed in these instances.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are plenty of dope plantations around the country, out in remote wilderness areas where you think there would be anyone or anything. I have run into them twice when hiking on 2 separate occassions in Oregon. One was booby-trapped with a tripwire to make noise and the other with fishhooks that would have stuck me in the face had I not seen them. I did trip the noisemaker and practically messed my pants. I wasn't expecting that out in the woods, for sure. I would have thought I was more likely to run into Bigfoot. I realized what was up and GTFO of there in a expeditious manner. I noticed the fishhooks because it was just as the sun was coming up and the light was right and fled as well. A friend of mine has run into a shotgun trap and punji stakes in NorCal.
Coolbert, you are correct, these people mean business and they will kill you to protect their crop with any qualms. These aren't some hippies out in the woods gettting stoned and holding drum circles. I don't know who was running those weed farms, illegals narcos, local criminals, etc...but they were serious about keeping people away.

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