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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kafir Siam!

This is coolbert:

"The purpose of terror is to terrorize!!" - - V.I. Lenin.

"Kru Bow Kru Koy Kru Kai [the name of the teacher], the Thai Buddhist get out. Don't work here. Not guarantee for safety. Go to teach at Krongpinang at Nibongchanoopatum. We know and can follow where you are, what you teach, and how you go. We, Pattani state, do not want Thai Buddhists teachers. This is the first warning. You are also the Thai Buddhist [Kafir Siam]. We are Allah people and don't get involved with them. Get out. Allah protects people who believe in Allah only."

Here are gory scenes, visual evidence of the viciousness employed by the TERRORISTS waging an insurrection in the southernmost part of Thailand. The border area where Thailand and Malaya meet [Kra Peninsula].

An insurrection that has been the topic of some previous blog entries of mine.
To the photographs.

"WARNING: The images below are EXTREMELY graphic and are not for the faint of heart, young children, or anyone offended by violent images. If you feel you are not prepared to view totally UNCENSORED, EXPLICIT, AND UPSETTING images of violence and death, DO NOT continue viewing this page. You have been warned."

The following material thanks to the web site Zombie Time through Atlas Shrugs [courtesy Pamela].

It would appear the jihadists have a particular hate and disdain in the extreme for the Buddhist. One victim appears to be a Buddhist monk. Those most harmless and pacific of people make easy marks for the jihadi. I bet the jihadi just revels in the harm they can do with such ease to such a monk.

Those folks were killed first and then mutilated?? It would appear so. Behavior of this type is an indication of a very depraved mentality! Also by observing who the jihadi victimize, you get a further indication into their mentality? Choosing as victims persons who will not even fight back or cannot fight back is the mark of an extreme form of cowardice on the part of the jihadi!!

"In 1193, the Nalanda University suffered a final blow after the complex was sacked by Muslim armies under Bakhtiyar Khilji; this event is seen as a milestone in the decline of Buddhism in India. It is said that Khilji asked if there was a copy of the Koran at Nalanda before he sacked it"

Nalanda University was the main focus of Buddhist learning in India until 1193. Was sacked! That is a polite way of saying it. 4,000 monks in residence were summarily put to the sword [beheaded that is!!].

[those monks were martyrs in the true sense of the word! Persons willing to die for their GOD, but NOT willing to kill for their GOD!]

View at your own discretion!!




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