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Sunday, September 09, 2007


This is coolbert:

Well, where is he??

The hunt has been going on for years now. It is going to be six full years now since 9/11 and still Osama has not been either killed or captured.

What is going on here? One would think that the U.S. military with assistance from the English, the Pakistani, friendly Afghans, etc., would be able to LOCATE Osama and then either kill or take him prisoner. I think that the perception was in the months just after 9/11 that fully focused U.S. power would have accomplished the task quickly, presumably long ago now.

This latest video by Osama has stirred up a lot of interest. The old boy had not been seen for some time now. Now has the dyed beard and wearing civilian attire, no BDU field jacket with the AK in the background as has been visible in previous videos.

Rumored to be now living in Chitral, Pakistan. The tribal areas. NEVER UNDER FULL CONTROL OF THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT TO BEGIN WITH!! Control ceded to the various tribesmen just to keep the peace, tenuous as it has always been in that part of the world. WAS NEVER UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE FORCES OF THE BRITISH RAJ EITHER!! Concerted decades-long efforts to bring the tribesmen under control also met in failure, the British giving up eventually in their efforts too.

"But informed sources tell CBS News U.S. intelligence believes Osama bin Laden is hiding out in the Chitral district of northern Pakistan. A number of reports from human sources, including some alleged sightings, have put him there, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin."

"None of the reports has been independently confirmed, but there are enough of them to persuade intelligence analysts that it's his most likely location."

"Chitral is a remote, rugged area governed by tribes that will not allow even the Pakistani army to operate there."

[Osama in advance, far in advance, makes alliances with local tribal leaders and warlords for protection. Also has his own people intermarry with the local women, so as to solidify bonds of kinship and a oneness with the umma'.]

Waziristan, Chitral, etc. Areas and a part of the world uncontrollable by the "central governments" of any nation.

A recent National Geographic magazine had an entire article devoted to the Waziristan and North West Frontier region of Pakistan. Seems that almost a hundred years ago now, the British conducted a man-hunt for a local Islamic agitator that lasted for TWENTY YEARS WITHOUT SUCCESS!! The wanted man never being caught, dying a natural death!! Regarding the current hunt for Osama, this precedent DOES NOT bode well.

Chitral seems to be almost a paradise on earth. Where the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China almost all come together. Was at one time a popular tourist destination. Has tourists now of a different stripe!!??


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