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Monday, September 17, 2007

Da' plume!!

This is coolbert:

If there were nuclear materials present in those Syrian underground bunkers allegedly struck by the Israeli Air Force, I would have to assume that there has also been a release of radioactive materials that will be detectable!

Picked up by the winds of the upper atmosphere and eventually traveling around the world.

"Downwinders" in places such as IRAQ [U.S. forces in particular], IRAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, ETC. WILL KNOW ABOUT THIS SOON, IF NOT ALREADY.

Also to be picked up at various sites around the world that are part of CTBT - - IMS network.

Those stations especially designated to watch for the presence of radio-nuclide particles. [minute radioactive particles carried into the upper atmosphere.]

And of course, various militaries and intelligence agencies WORLDWIDE will be conducting "missions" to determine what exactly has happened in Syria, to the extent that it CAN BE determined!!




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