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Sunday, September 16, 2007


This is coolbert: Sayeret Shaldag.

Here is the dope on the Israeli commando unit Sayeret Shaldag.

[info as best can be obtained. Of course, there is NOT MUCH that can be obtained. This unit, by the very nature of operations it engages in, would be operating at a very high level of classification and NOT EVER make public successes or failures!!]

Responsible for the terminal guidance of laser guided bombs dropped by Israeli F-15's on the purported Syrian cache of nuclear material!!??

"Sayeret Shaldag is the Israeli Air Force Commando unit. The unit performs special missions by using advanced combat technologies."

[right, terminal guidance for laser delivered bombs and such!!]

"Sayeret Shaldag (a.k.a. Unit 5101)- Shaldag belong to the Israeli Air Force (IAF). In 1995, Unit 5101 acquired CT/HRT [counter-terrorism/hostage rescue team]capabilities and became the first and the only 'all commands' ('all Israel') Engagement Unit. Because Unit 5101 is an 'all Israel'-capable Unit, it is the only Engagement Unit who has a small helicopter fleet attached exclusively to the Unit."

An "all-Israel" unit. Can operate ANYWHERE as needed. Under the SPECIFIC command of Israeli national command authority?




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