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Monday, September 24, 2007

A la baionnette! III.

This is coolbert:


Again, more amazing stuff.

Here is a web site about jukendo . Bayonet fencing for both health [Swedish professor Ling would be proud!] and sport purposes.

As currently practiced in Japan. A popular [?] form of martial art.

"it is an exceedingly rare sport in Japanese primary schools, but not unheard of. In the minds of many Japanese it is still not considered a proper sport."

"Jukendo is a relatively new [post-WW2] martial Way developed out of the bayonet fighting tactics of the Toyama Gakko, the special military training school of the Imperial Japanese Army."

"a healthy activity for physical, mental and spiritual health apart from actual fighting methods."

"A mokuju, or wooden rifle and simulated bayonet, is used in different kata (forms)."

"Besides kata, there is a competitive side to jukendo which utilizes protective armor similar to that found in kendo."

[in the small video accompanying the web site, the man on the left appears to not be wearing body armor, the man on the right is wearing the kendo [Japanese swordsmanship] style body armor and dress!!]

Here too is the wiki entry on jukendo.

"The thrust is the only form of attack in jukendo. Targets are the throat, the left upper chest (heart), the left side, and the back of the left hand."

As in fencing, thrusts only. NO butt strokes, kicking, punching, etc., as you would find in the Russian form of bayonet fencing or commonly taught military bayonet combatatives!!




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